Sunday 12 June 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 12 June 2022

Sign up for Charity Day is now closed. Unfortunately lots of people are on holiday and unable to attend but many of them have given a donation anyway. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to play, volunteered to man stalls, volunteered their other halves, donated items, baked for half way house. My heart rate is now beginning to slow down as everything is coming together. Hopefully the weather will be good - Diane Chapman has let me know that she has ordered the good weather- thank you Diane as that is one thing I had forgotten to organise.  Now all we need is for people to spend their money and raise a lot of money for our charities. If you haven't already paid for the day - £30 for guests, £25 for members please pay to CDLS 40-28-14  A/c No 81769642 or pay by card on the day at reception. Speaking of payment there will be lots to spend your money on so please bring cash in change - mainly £1 coins

Please take photos during your round ( as long as you are not holding up play) - the quirkier the better! WhatsApp them to me ( 07798674722) for display on screen during the meal.


Tuesday 24th May Team Alliance Winners Rogie, Pauline, LynnT, Lynn C

Thursday 26th May Ladies Ping Pairs 4BBB/Margaret Gentle Pairs Vase Winners Paula and Caroline R

Saturday 28th May  Ken Bird Trophy   Winners - the ladies team

Tuesday 31 May Double off the yellows. Winner Pauline 68 points 2nd Jackie S 60 points on count back from Sarah

Thursday 2nd June Ladies Coronation Foursomes  Winners Megan and Cheryl 41 points

Thursday 9th June Ladies EG/Club medal June Q Division 1 Winner Sarah Nett 66  Division 2 Winner Karen nett 72  Division 3 Winner Jenny Billett Nett 72

Saturday 11th June Ladies Weekend EG/Club medal June Q  1st Hazel Nett 74  2nd Olive Nett 78


Message from Marica and Hilary

Come and join us at the Captain's Charity Tea Parties at Watercress Close, Stevenage.

Two cream tea parties have been arranged for our ladies Captain's Charity A notice will go up next weekend in the locker room for those who would like to attend. These events will be limited to 10 ladies per event. If the dates are oversubscribed, a ballot will be held by Kathy. Minimum donation to the Charities of £25


Posh sandwiches, variety of savouries, homemade cakes, scones with cream and homemade jams, fresh fruit skewers,, Prosecco, fresh orange or apple juice

Dates:- Wednesday 10th and Friday 19th August  Time 2.30 pm

Another Event

Pat Ward is a member of a choir Somewhere2sing. Their concert is on Sunday 17th July at Saffron Hall Theatre, Saffron Walden. Two performances 3pm and 7pm.

There will be over 200 members of the choir coming together for a mix of songs from musicals, films, classical and modern. It's going to sound amazing.

Tickets are £18 and can be booked on the Saffron Hall Theatre website or by telephone.

Go along and support Pat and her choir


I have heard differing versions of this scenario - this is from the R and A rule book

 Ball Played on Putting Green in Stroke Play: If the player’s ball in motion hits another ball at rest on the putting green and both balls were on the putting green before the stroke, the player gets the general penalty(two penalty strokes).

This does not include match play

Enjoy your golf week or holiday wherever you may be


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