Monday 25 April 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 25 April 2022

 Slightly later this weekend, and no newsletter next weekend as I will be in Portugal

I made the bold decision to take out my winter hats from my golf bag at the beginning of the week. I was lucky on Friday that I found another one in the bottom of my bag!!!

All of our teams have been busy this week

Wednesday 20th April  Pearson at home to Welwyn Garden City - a win for Chesfield. Well done ladies

Friday 22 April  Friendly match at Pavenham. Always a very tricky course especially the greens. Chesfield fought hard but came second. Good effort ladies

Saturday 23 April  Scratch Team away to Bishop Stortford. A valiant effort but not their day. Well done ladies


Friendly Team- aptly named                           Scratch Team

16th June Charity Day. This may seem a long way off but it will quickly come around. There is a sign up sheet in the locker room for helpers on the day 

Please sign up and if you know where you would like to help then state that, otherwise just sign up and we will allocate you a position.

Also please dig out those golf clothes that no longer fit because of all the weight you have lost as we will have a nearly new stall. I got lots of bargains there last year. Remember items need to be in good condition.

Have you asked your hairdressers/beauticians for a voucher to be auctioned on the day?

Have you invited golfing friends to join in the day ? £30 for visitors

Thank you for all your support.

A few tips:-

We have been asked to let players through if we have lost a hole - even during a competition

Please please please one person mark the card while another tees off. This speeds up the game for everyone


Now for the good points:-

Wednesday11th May  Club night is back. 9 holes of golf followed by food and drink Tee times from 4.56-6.24 Prizes from approx. 8.30pm

Sign up in reception £5 for members and £15 for guests. A bargain night out. I will be there - come and join the fun

Ann K achieved an Eagle on the 7th hole. Excellent Ann- great work

There is a birdie tree behind the locker room door. Please put your name and date on the appropriate leaf as well as in the birdie book

Ann Grist Singles KO and Mary Warmoth  Pairs KO- last chance to sign up for these. First round will be from Monday Monday 2 May

General Play Cards can be submitted for any round of singles golf. The more you put in the less intimidating it becomes. GPC can be put in on Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Make sure you sign in for GPC on ig before going out. As Karen is on holiday please notify Lin of your intentions.

5th May Ladies Committee Meeting. Please let Olive have any items for the agenda by 30th April.

Driving Range - top up your membership card at reception for the driving range and get 10% discount on balls. This is a different levy from the bar levy

Course News JonJo was hoping to have GUR removed from Fairway bunkers at the end of this week. Check ig news for updates.

1st May He is hoping to have Winter Rules lifted. Again check ig for update

25th July Seniors Charity Day Round of golf, meal and prizes £25 members £35 non members


Jackie Reid will be taking a break from golf as she has had an operation. We wish her well and I have sent her flowers and a card from the Ladies Section


Ladies Stableford April Qualifier.  Winner of Division 1  Hazel 39 points.

                                                            Winner of Division 2 Nicola   45 Points

                                                             Winner of Division 3 Jacqui Hard  45 Points

Great scores ladies, well done

Sunday 17 April 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 17 April 2022

Summer is here at last. 3 weeks ago snow stopped play for Megan Bonner Par 3 Comp, this week we have been playing in tee shirts. I know which one I prefer!

Lots happening now that the season is in full swing

General Notice It is recommended by England Golf that if you are playing an 18 hole singles round of golf that you put in a General Play Card.

Can we make a plea for prompt payment for competitions which are not on ig. Pat (treasurer) audits the payments and follows up non payments which is a lot of extra work for her. Please please please pay promptly.

Tuesday 19th April is a practice round and it would be a good idea to put in a General Card. Please notify Karen of your intention to submit this card BEFORE starting your round

Thursday 21 April is a Stableford Qualifier

Good Luck to the Pearson Team for their last match on Wednesday

Good Luck also to the Friendly Team who kick off the season with a match at Pavenham on Friday

Sign up sheets for the next 2 friendlies are now up in the locker room

Good Luck too to the Scratch Team with their match at Bishop Stortford on Saturday

Thursday August 4th Awayday at Lakeside Lodge GC, Pidley, Huntingdon Sign up sheet is again up in locker room. Enter with a partner or sign up next to another single person


Kay Baker Memorial Bowl Winner Megan Bonner

Jubilee Jug

Winners of trophy Julie Pa, and Jacky S

Winners of best dressed trolleys Maggi and Rosie A great day. Weather, outfits, golf and topped off by great cakes

Enjoy your Easter Weekend. I have already eaten my weight in chocolate!


Winners of best dressed couple Pauline and Rogie 

Monday 11 April 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 11 April 2022

Take a seat, grab a cuppa - this is a long one with some important information in it

Good luck to Pam and Pat whose wedding day it is today. The sun shines on the righteous. Have a great day

The happy couple. The knot is tied.

A sad farewell to Caroline K who is moving to Oxford today. Not goodbye hopefully just au revoir

Are you aware that our Ladies Section has its very own website? Thanks to Virginia for keeping it updated. A very important section on this website is the Privacy Policy. Whether you are a long standing member or quite new please log on to the website

and click on the Privacy Policy. This is a very quick and simple questionnaire which asks you to opt in or opt out of various communications and also photo permission. If you don't want photos of yourself in the newsletter please could you let me know as I don't have access to the Privacy Policy.

While you are on the website - take a look at the Golf Etiquette Power Point Presentation so skilfully produced by Hazel. You can find this under Library, along with lots of other interesting things.

I think you will agree that the bar staff at Chesfield are always cheery and obliging. If you would like to make a comment please ask them for a card which you can then keep and use the QR code to make a comment. 

From Handicap Secretary's Report

General Play cards are to be encouraged for ALL appropriate individual rounds on Tuesdays Thursdays and weekends.This will provide a more accurate handicap for each player and qualifiers won't seem so daunting. Players should message Karen M to advise they intend to play a General Card BEFORE starting their round.



Tuesday 5 April Pick Your Poison  1st Nicola A 29  2nd Ann K 29.5 

EAGLE on the 7th by Karen M. Go Karen!!!! 

Thursday 7th April Ladies EG/Club Medal  1st Hazel Nett 74  2nd Linda A nett 74. Great scores ladies. Well done.

Sunday 10th April. Ladies Weekend EG/Club Medal1st Pat W with a magnificent nett 66, apparently this round was a sight to behold. Excellent Pat

                                                                                           2nd Helen with a very good nett 70. Well done

Upcoming Competitions

12 April Kay Baker Memorial Bowl. We have 35 ladies playing and more ladies joining us for the presentation afterwards. Please purchase your drink at the bar and come into the conservatory for bacon/egg roll. Also Kay's brothers will be joining us and presenting the winner with the bowl.

14 April Jubilee Jug Format is pairs, handicap 90% difference of individual course handicap. Please come to conservatory after the game where there will be tea/coffee and cake. £8 should now have been paid to the Ladies Section Account.Ladies must have played in 3 qualifiers to be eligible to win a prize.

Hope you now have your outfits and trolleys organised in an Easter theme. Prizes for best dressed couple and trolleys.  Please bring £1 for a simple game after tea and cake. Money from the game will go to Ladies Captain's Charity. 

Ann G Singles Knock Out Match Play Competition now available on ig for sign up. Sign Up closes on 25th April. This is an individual knockout competition. First round from 1 May

Mary Warmoth Pairs Knock Out Betterball Matchplay. Now available to sign up on ig Sign Up closes 25th April. Choose your partners now.90%difference from lowest handicap. First Round from 2 May

Looking way ahead - June 16th Charity Day This is a big day in our calendar when we raise a lot of money for the Ladies Captain's Charity. We rely on visitors coming to take part in the day. Cost will be £25 for members. £30 for guests. Please scour your address books and invite anyone you know who plays golf. It will be a fun packed day. I promise. Congratulations if you have got to the end of this mammoth newsletter. You may well have gone through more than 1 cuppa!

Monday 4 April 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 4 April 2022

Here we are back in winter! Snow flurries put paid to the Megan Bonner yet again

I began to wonder if this comp would ever get played. However a compromise was reached - a later start, and once around the Par 3. The delicious soup was very welcome when we returned to the clubhouse.

I hope those of you who experienced the Power Point Presentation devised by Hazel were entertained and educated, not to mention the chocolates! Virginia is going to put the presentation on the Ladies website, and then I will put a link in the newsletter

Some people took the delayed start to learn some new IT.

Captains' Drive In A very successful day. Temperature as I arrived at the club was -2 degrees! We were knocking ice from our shoes on the first 3 holes. Then the temperature rose to a balmy 12 degrees and it was a great day. The icing on the cake was that the competition was won by an all-ladies team: Julie Pr, Anne L, Nikki B and Cheryl.

Well done. And Nikki won one of the Captains' Drive In flags. Win-Win.

A very big thank you to Barry and all the staff for making the day go well. I certainly enjoyed my free drink to give me Dutch courage for the Drive In

A great turn out of ladies to support the section - thank you.  It's been said before but I will say it again - Chesfield have THE BEST ladies section.


Mixed Winter League Round 17. Top ladies team was Hazel, Jacqui Harbor, Lin G and Julie Price

Saturday 26th March Mixed Roger Burman Warm Up :- Lin G came second in a field of 70. Great Result

Megan Bonner result will be announced and presented at Spring Meeting

It's been a very busy weekend for my family so apologies that this newsletter is a bit late


Kay Baker 9 hole comp. Please sign up on line AND in locker room

Jubilee Jug. I am sure by now you all have your dress-up ready. Cost is £8, please pay directly to ladies section

Mary Warmoth Pairs Knockout and Ann Grist Singles Knockout Comps. Sign up will be on ig shortly. If you would like to enter the pairs, get your pairs sorted

It's been a very busy weekend for my family so apologies that this newsletter is a bit late.

Kathy Carroll
Ladies Captain