Sunday 31 October 2021

Captain's Newsletter - 31 October 2021

Happy halloween! Not so happy for our weekend ladies who have had a wet wet wet abandoned fun competition on Sunday!.

The Faircliff Winter Scratch Cup/Rogie Taylor Handicap Cup: was played last Thursday. Congratulations go to Kathy D coming in with a gross 83.

The second part of this competition is now underway:

  • If you were in the top 8 ladies you have qualified for the ‘Faircliff Winter Scratch Cup’ knock out match play competition - handicap allowance NONE
  • If you were in position 9 - 16 you have qualified for the ‘Rogie Taylor Handicap Cup’ knock out matchplay Competition - Handicap allowance FULL

The draw will be available on IG. A draw sheet will also be placed on the notice board INSIDE the ladies changing room. Further information to follow. Please note that all matches have to be played by the deadlines specified.

Ladies section AGM: Thursday 11th November 6.30pm for 7pm. Minutes from the previous AGM and EGM have been circulated to all members of the ladies section along with the agenda for the evening. The agenda is also on display INSIDE the ladies changing room.

Club Championships 2022: The club championships will be held over one week next year:
  • Round One: Tuesday 5th July 2022
  • Round Two: Thursday 7th July 2022

This will enable it to fit in nicely with the ladies away weekend (the week before).

Pearsons League: Our Pearson squad are taking on Welwyn Garden City Golf Club in our first match of the season on Monday 1st November. Good luck ladies!

Club Captain: Our club captain Margaret enjoyed a glass of fizz for a special birthday celebration last Monday! Happy Birthday Margaret! What a lovely day!

Annual £10 Fee: It has been decided by the ladies committee to waiver the annual £10 fee again this year as the ladies section has enough funds at present, this will remain under review over the year and ladies will be notified if any changes are required. However, the £10 joining fee still remains as a one off payment for all new members.

Winter Rules: Pick and Place came into effect on Monday 18th October 2021.

Slow Play: There is a subtle difference between Slow Play & Bad Play! We can all have a day when we play a bad round, lose balls, bad shots etc. thats just how it goes sometimes and we all have to accept that is not slow play, we don’t mean to do it! But we can all avoid slow play by:

  • Teeing off at our correct tee time
  • Not chatting on the tee
  • Not marking our cards on the green
  • Not leaving our trollies in front of the green
  • Being ready for our next shot
  • Waving through players that are faster
  • Picking up when we cannot score

These are just a few of the things we can do to avoid slow play. Lets make winter golf more fun by avoiding slow play it’s getting so cold and wet out there! Many thanks.

Have a good week!
Pauline Humphrey
Lady Captain 2021


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