Monday 9 November 2020

Captain's Newsletter - 9 November 2020

Hi Ladies

Oh dear it did not take long for lockdown fever to creep in, i forgot it was Sunday yesterday so i did not do a newsletter! Better late than never.

I hope you are all staying safe and well.

After playing golf on three days running before lockdown i was thankful for a couple of days rest, now I am itching to play again so tomorrow we will take a club and balls to the playing fields for practice. I also have my newly acquired (in the first lockdown) chipping net in the garden.

We are very lucky with the weather at the moment some lovely bright and fairly warm Autumn days to help us through this second lockdown. I have been tidying up my garden and putting away into the greenhouse some of my plants in pots for the winter, it is ironic that in the first lockdown i was getting everything out for the Spring. Walking is still our main form of exercise on these Autumn days and I am seeing some of the same scenery I saw back in April but in Autumn colours. I did my first online Pilates class today one of many I am sure in the coming weeks, it felt good and i do not know why I stopped as i really enjoyed it.

Eight of us from the Pearson squad went to Mill Green for a practice round on Monday 2nd November. The course was very very muddy so quite challenging but we enjoyed ourselves, so much so that my group, Pauline, Karen and Jacky Swanson played the last hole in the dark! Mill Green and The Melbourne matches will now be rescheduled.

WHS is now in place, not without it's problems but hopefully by the time we return to golf all will be fine.

Stay Safe
Ladies Captain


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