Sunday 25 October 2020

Captain's Newsletter - 25 October 2020

Hi Ladies

First i must apologize for not reporting the amount that was raised on our Fun Charity Day, we raised a staggering £960 which included donations from Ladies who did not attend for various reasons. I wish to thank all you lovely ladies who have donated and made it possible for me to be able to give my charity "Crossroads Care" something at the end of the year. Final figures will be released at the end of November.

IG Payments
Please remember you must have your IG account topped up now to be able to enter and play in any competition dated after Monday 2nd November. As a rule it will be no funds, no entry. If you need any help with this please see a member of the committee as soon as possible who will be able to help you.

Tuesday 20th November
Not every ones favorite format but a quick round for winter golf, Vicky and Mary Harrison obviously a good foursomes pair had a score of 76 with Margaret and Linda Anderson close behind with 78. We all managed to remember to play our own ball as per Covid 19 rules for foursomes.

Pearson Practice
Linda is organising a Pearson Practice at Mill Green on Monday 2nd November, she has also set up a Pearson WhatsApp group to keep you informed and will notify you of times for the Practice and the following match. If you have Matchplay experience and a handicap between 14 - 34 and wish to join the squad please contact Linda Brown.

Fun 4BBB Thursday 5th November
As you will all remember this would have been the day of the AGM so to mark that we will have tea/coffee and cake in the conservatory, for only the second time this year. The cake is courtesy of management as we would normally have wine and nibbles at the AGM. Many thanks to Barry for organising this. Go to the conservatory after you come in from playing and you will be served on a rolling basis . There will be a prize for the winning pair.

Hattersley Cup Thursday 11th November
The battle of the Captains Team verses the Vice Captains Team who will win this year? sign up now open so come on get signed up so we can do the draw for the teams, who's team will you be in? Soup and roll after playing on a rolling basis in the conservatory and find out if you were on the winning team.

As customary Ladies Winter Golf goes to 9 holes in December, for those that wish to continue and do 18 holes check when signing up that someone else in the group also wishes to continue.

Tip to avoid slow play
One person tee off whilst others mark cards, not relying on playing partners to always be first because you are not ready, cards can be marked after you have tee'd off.

Stay Safe Play Safe
RogieLadies Captain


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