Sunday 11 October 2020

Captain's Newsletter - 11 October 2020

Winter rules are now in place which will help to protect the course after a week of rain and a two day closure left the course very wet and muddy.

A big thank you to you all for snapping up the Christmas Cards on Tuesday and raising £225 for my Charity "Crossroads Care" that is fantastic.

Thursdays competition sign up are now back to three weeks in advance. we are still hoping to have Tuesday block booking back very soon so we are able to pay competition fees via our IG accounts. Top up your IG accounts before 2nd November to pay for your competitions, if you need any help speak to a committee member who will be able to guide you through.

The Pearson Squad needs all our experienced match players with handicaps 14 to 34 this could be our year with the WHS adjusting our handicaps according to the course we are playing. contact Linda Brown if you would like to join the squad.

There have been a lot of complaints over the last couple of weeks about slow play, please remember to keep up with the group in front of you, if you can no longer see them the chances are you have become slow, you will need to pick up the pace or let the group behind you through when possible.

Daily Mail Foursomes 2020 qualifying competition will not be played. Due to this years circumstances only one round of 2019 got played in February, Lin Goodey and Caroline Kaswaurere played Knebworth away but were unfortunately knocked out. Round two has now been scheduled to be played in February 2021 with the final in October 2021.

Good news we will play Rogie's Foursomes instead with a prize for the winning pair, we will play by Daily Mail Rules maximum handicap of 30 if your handicap is higher you play off 30 so open to everyone.

Stay Safe Everyone
Ladies Captain


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