Sunday 12 February 2017

Captain's Newsletter - 13 Feb 2017

I am delighted to inform you that Macron Hertfordshire is sponsoring Chesfield Downs Ladies Scratch team. For the first outing in May the team will be sporting matching boot bags to compliment team colours. Macron, based in Letchworth, provide our trophies throughout the year. Thank you to Mick Ginn.

You will notice when at the Club this week that there are different chairs and sofas. This is a temporary measure whilst the originals are being fully refurbished by an interior designer. This will take approx 2 weeks so please be understanding of the situation.

Sign up is now open for the first qualifier of the season, The Price Vase, on Thursday 1st March. Also, on the board, sign up for Megan Bonner Par 3 Championships.

Three ladies competed in the 4BBB this weekend, Linda Brown being top placed above Nikki Brookes and Megan Bonner.

In probably the muddiest conditions for some time on the course 25 ladies competed in the first team game of the year, a Stableford Alliance. Congratulations to the victors, Di Chapman, Marion Dix, Lorraine Palmer and Pam Blake.

The penultimate round and all change again. Sally Weekes has jumped into top spot in Div 1 by one shot and Nicola Adkins has the lead in Div 2, again only one shot in it. Forecast looks reasonable for the last round on 16th so get out there.

And finally..... never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Because if you enjoyed it you can do it again tomorrow.

Happy golfing
Jackie Reid, Ladies Captain


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