Monday 21 September 2015

Scratch Team v East Herts (Away)

We played our final match away at East Herts golf course yesterday. One of my very favourite courses - beautiful fairways and fast greens with lots of slopes and ditches and several raised greens to challenge all of us.

It was a very competitive match but played in a really friendly atmosphere, which is how I have found all the Scratch matches this year.

Thank you to our team Sarah, Kathy, Pat Ward, Lauren and Chris Newcombe who competed in the first rainy match of this year (and we know Chris hates playing in the rain!!!).

Although East Herts are tough opponents, our handicaps held up well away at this course. Naturally, East Herts had the home advantage - knowing the lie of the course was crucial, and especially on the 17th hole - if only I had known that ditch was there!!!!

We managed some very close scores - I won on the 18th, 1UP and Lauren and Sarah both took their opponents to the 17th hole - so they were very close matches.  A win to East Herts of 4:1 puts them in second place in our division.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the players this year. We have won 3 matches this year, and had some very close losses. An excellent result for our very first year in this Countywide Scratch Competition

Good luck to the team for 2016 and to Sarah, who will be taking over the role of Scratch Team Captain

Kathy Dale


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