Monday 17 August 2015

Scratch Team V Aldenham (Away)

It is amazing and brilliant news that we won our second successive away match today against Aldenham Golf Club.

Congratulations to all the team - Pauline, Virginia, Sarah, Kathy & Jackie. And a big thank you to Liz for being our first reserve.

Aldenham is not an easy course - although lovely, it is very challenging. It is essential to keep the ball on the fairway or it will be gobbled up by the trees either side. And then the ponds and ditches can also catch any wayward shot - So it is marvellous that our Scratch Team achieved another excellent WIN

Jackie Reid received her Scratch Team cap for playing in her first match - and did us proud with a convincing win of 6 & 4.  Pauline Harrison drove the ball straight up the fairways and when that happens, she is difficult to beat - as she proved today.

So the team were all in the clubhouse with a 2:2 draw, waiting for the final pair to complete their match. Could they read the remaining pair's body language??   The cheers were loud when Kathy Dale halved the 18th for a 1UP win, giving the team an overall win to Chesfield Downs Ladies Scratch Team of 3:2.  An exciting finish to the match

Our next match is on Saturday at Home against Brookmans Park. This club is in the lead in our division at the moment, but they were beaten by Aldenham (who we beat today) - so I have high hopes for the weekend.

Kathy Dale
Scratch Team Organiser


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