Tuesday 18 August 2015

Friendly Match v Barkway Ladies (Home)

The squad gathered, we were up for the game, the weather would be kind to us and the opposition were friendly!!

This was to be a tight match (swinging this way and that). The final score was a draw but each game told a different story. A last minute replacement for Barkway brought us a 15 year old on a 24 handicap who played her socks off and will one day be a scratch player for sure. With three games in we were drawn and with a win and loss to finish the proceedings, we were fairly pleased with a drawn match. (Next time we will have them!!) As always the final result is not the only outcome that makes these games fun to be part of! We enjoyed each game, time with our partners, knowledge to be shared and importantly we had fun!!

Many thanks to all who played and to our reserves Lin and Hilary, who sat waiting for the call. Onwards and upwards!! The next match against Mount Pleasant on Saturday October 17th.

Margaret Gentle
Friendlies Team Captain


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