Tuesday 18 August 2015

Friendly Match v Barkway Ladies (Home)

The squad gathered, we were up for the game, the weather would be kind to us and the opposition were friendly!!

This was to be a tight match (swinging this way and that). The final score was a draw but each game told a different story. A last minute replacement for Barkway brought us a 15 year old on a 24 handicap who played her socks off and will one day be a scratch player for sure. With three games in we were drawn and with a win and loss to finish the proceedings, we were fairly pleased with a drawn match. (Next time we will have them!!) As always the final result is not the only outcome that makes these games fun to be part of! We enjoyed each game, time with our partners, knowledge to be shared and importantly we had fun!!

Many thanks to all who played and to our reserves Lin and Hilary, who sat waiting for the call. Onwards and upwards!! The next match against Mount Pleasant on Saturday October 17th.

Margaret Gentle
Friendlies Team Captain

Monday 17 August 2015

Scratch Team V Aldenham (Away)

It is amazing and brilliant news that we won our second successive away match today against Aldenham Golf Club.
Congratulations to all the team - Pauline, Virginia, Sarah, Kathy & Jackie. And a big thank you to Liz for being our first reserve.

Aldenham is not an easy course - although lovely, it is very challenging. It is essential to keep the ball on the fairway or it will be gobbled up by the trees either side. And then the ponds and ditches can also catch any wayward shot - So it is marvellous that our Scratch Team achieved another excellent WIN

Jackie Reid received her Scratch Team cap for playing in her first match - and did us proud with a convincing win of 6 & 4.  Pauline Harrison drove the ball straight up the fairways and when that happens, she is difficult to beat - as she proved today.

So the team were all in the clubhouse with a 2:2 draw, waiting for the final pair to complete their match. Could they read the remaining pair's body language??   The cheers were loud when Kathy Dale halved the 18th for a 1UP win, giving the team an overall win to Chesfield Downs Ladies Scratch Team of 3:2.  An exciting finish to the match

Our next match is on Saturday at Home against Brookmans Park. This club is in the lead in our division at the moment, but they were beaten by Aldenham (who we beat today) - so I have high hopes for the weekend.

Kathy Dale
Scratch Team Organiser

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Captain's Log - 11 August 2015

Congratulations!!  Thank you to Kathy Dale and Jackie Reid who have promised to boldly go where no one has gone before! Well, not quite but we are delighted that they are going to lead us into 2016 and 2017 respectively. Their decision ends uncertainty about what would happen to the Ladies’ Section over the next few years. We are very grateful to them and can now look forward with enthusiasm. I hope that this will spur on other ladies to consider joining the committee in future to help run our section. We can’t keep expecting the same people to do all the hard work for us. If we want to continue as a fun and vibrant section doing all the things we want to do then we need people to run it. We all need to play our part. Here endeth the lesson!!

Kathy is also to be congratulated on leading the Scratch team to their first victory at Harpenden Golf Club recently. A great achievement and I’m sure the start of things to come. Well done to all the players on the day Kathy, Lauren, Julie, Sarah and Pauline, and also to the rest of the squad who have played so well in their first year of competition.

Breaking news! Kathy Carroll and Hazel Brunnen have won through to the Ping Plate Final at Gainsborough Golf Club on 7th September. Well done.

Our representatives at the Help For Heroes Final at Turnberry in October, will be Sarah Faircliff, Jean Ray, Kathy Dale, Diane Chapman and Brenda Harrington. The qualification for this was our Stableford Competiton in June. We wish them luck and hope for decent weather and for all bunkers to be GUR!

Pass the sand wedges please!

September is going to be an action packed month starting with the Solheim Cup against Mill Green on Friday 18th September. Mill Green as Europe were victorious last time so we intend to restore the balance by beating them at home.

We hope that even if you aren’t in the team, you will come and show support by waving the flag and dressing in red and white. Volunteers are needed – meet & greet, caddies, sellers of merchandise and of course cakes for the halfway house. Lauren will be whipping up the excitement over the next few weeks.

A sign-up sheet will soon be available for the Autumn Meeting and Chris Leary Chalice on Thursday, 24th September. This is a fun day with a meal afterwards and the competition will not be a qualifier!

Captains’ Day on Saturday 26th September is proving to be very popular so if you would like to come and support us by playing golf and dancing to ”Abba” in the evening then sign up quickly. All this can be yours for the bargain price of £25 payable to Chesfield Downs’ Ladies’ Section and given to Christine Skeen or put in the black box. See poster for more details.

This does NOT conform to the dress code for the evening!
Finally, I shall be on holiday from 14th August so you and I get a break. In charge will be: 20th August - Pauline Harrison, 27th August – Marica Kelland and 3rd September - Pam Wilson.  Free parking for them in the Ladies’ Captain’s space but not I’m afraid free coffee, normally one of the perks of the job (pun intended!)

Jean Ray  11/08/2015