Thursday 16 April 2015

Captain's Log - 16 Apr 2015

Good morning Vietnam!

The first day I was on a high literally when after much pushing and pulling I was sitting on the neck of an elephant.  It was a long way from the ground.  How I wished I'd been going to the gym then maybe I wouldn't have ached so much afterwards!

Thailand was wonderful but Vietnam is even better.  We had an overnight train ride to the hills of Sapa. The train was another experience but not one I would wish to repeat.  However trekking through the hills and the rice terraces made it all worthwhile.  The views were stunning and the effort involved must have worked off a few calories.  Now I'm into the relaxing part hsving just hsd a trip on the river followed by a chilled glass of wine.  The food here is excellent as is the shopping. I started with one bag and now have four!

I hope you enjoyed Captains' Drive In.  I was sorry to miss it but I hear that Brigid did a fantastic drive - I bet it was down the middle as well!  Thank you to her and Marica and everyone who supported them.  Thanks also to the stand in or should I say outstanding Captains.

I look forward to hearing from the Scratch team and hope you all enjoy your matches.  Chesfield Ladies have certainly come a long way.

As a bit of entertainment,  I thought we could have a caption competition for this edition's photograph.  A small prize for the best offering (You can be as rude as you like).  All entries to be put in the black box.  Don't forget to add your name.

Jean Ray