Monday 2 March 2015

Captain's Log - 2 Mar 2015

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Winter Eclectic competition and even though we only managed to play four complete rounds, most of us improved our scores overall.  Still, it’s frustrating to think of the shots left behind!  The scones, jam and cream hopefully provided consolation.

Congratulations to the Winners and Runners Up.  The results were close, particularly in Division 2.

Division 1. Winner: Sarah Faircliff- gross 45. Runner Up: Kathy Dale – gross 50.

Division 2. Winner: Megan Bonner - gross 55. Runner Up: Denise Clinch- gross 56 C/B from Margaret Gentle 56.

Division 3. Winner: Rogie Taylor - gross 60. Runner Up: Lesley Bonser – gross 62.

Our Cup & Trophy competitions start on Thursday with the Amanda Macknight Pairs Scramble.  This is followed by a wealth of silverware to be won, so make sure you have played enough qualifying competitions in order to win the treasure.

The Anne Grist and Mary Warmoth knockouts begin next month.  There is a limited time to play each round so please ensure that you have the time available to play.

Captains’ Drive In takes place on Saturday, 11th April.  I am very grateful to Brigid, who is very kindly standing in for me on the day. I hope she will have lots of support from you all.  It’s a nerve racking experience having to tee off in front of lots of people!

As I shall be away for most of April, I am raffling my parking space in aid of my Charities – Carers in Hertfordshire and Tilehouse Counselling.  The permit to park is valid from Tuesday 31 March until Wednesday 29th April.  The only exclusion is Saturday 11th April.  Brigid needs to park as near as possible so she doesn’t wear herself out before playing! Tickets cost £1 each.

While I am away in April, I have organised some wonderful Ladies to stand in for me.  I am sure you will be entertained by what they have to say.

Jean Ray


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