Thursday 12 February 2015

Captain's Log - 12 Feb 2015

Just when we thought the weather was improving, along came the snow to frustrate us!  Still I was delighted to see a group of Ladies huddled over their Rules Books when I arrived at the club last Thursday morning.  What dedication!!

As a result of the weather conditions, Tim, our General Manager has made winter wheels or carry bags mandatory until further notice.  This is necessary in order to protect the course from further damage.  Winter wheels are on sale in the pro shop, at a good price.  If you are unable to carry they would make a wise investment.

The Pearson Squad have a very busy month with several matches to play and the Scratch Team play their first match next month.  We wish them all Good Luck.

The Winter Eclectic finishes on 19th February.  We haven’t been too lucky with the weather for this but hopefully we will be able to play the last two rounds.  We need to make them count!

Scones, jam and cream will be served in the conservatory on Thursday 26th February from 2pm onwards.  The prize giving for the Winter Eclectic will take place afterwards.

Online Booking for Qualifying Competitions is now available on either the monitor or by using How Did I Do?  You can only sign yourself up for a game using this latter method.  If you wish to sign up with friends then you should use the monitor which at the moment is in the pro shop.  You may cancel the same way.

Our first game for trialling the booking online system is on 26th February.  This is an 18 hole competition but will be a non qualifier.  There will be someone available to help in case there are any problems so panic not!!  Make sure you have booked in online before then.

Our first Cup & Trophy Competitions begin early next month.  In order to win one of these you must have played in at least 3 qualifying competitions in the rolling year.  Sally has put up a list showing the number of qualifiers everyone has played.  If you haven’t played enough you may still play in the competitions but you cannot win.

Jean Ray
Ladies Captain


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