Thursday 29 January 2015

Captain's Log - 29 Jan 2015

It’s encouraging to see so many Ladies willing to brave the cold, frosty conditions, anything to avoid housework!  The weather does seem to be improving but please ensure that you wrap up warmly, Chesfield is always colder than you think.

On Tuesday, Sally talked to us about the new system of booking online either on the monitor or on How Did I Do?  If you missed this, there are 2 leaflets on the board, which explain the process.  It seems fairly straight forward and several Ladies who have played on a weekend are already familiar with it.  For our first qualifier on Thursday, March 12th you will need to book online. However there will be a trial run on Feb 26th which will be an 18 hole, non- qualifying competition.  You will be able to book 3 weeks ahead as you can now, so the system will be live from Feb 5th.  The Men’s Section already use this so I am sure that we will find it easy!

For the moment Tuesday Club booking will stay as it is i.e. pencil and paper (not forgetting erasers!)

As mentioned previously I have started a Rules Quiz as a way of learning and remembering the most common rules.  Hopefully this will help with navigating a way around the Rules Book which isn’t always easy.  It is entirely voluntary but there is a bribe of a small prize for everyone who completes the quiz.  There will be 18 rules, one for each hole, though of course most rules can apply to any hole.  If you would like to have a go but have missed some of the questions then just ask me.  I will also be putting illustrations on the board of certain Golf Rules.

There are several books on golf, in one of the bookcases in the changing room, which you are welcome to take home and look at if you wish.  The novels in the other bookcase have recently been changed so please also borrow them.  We charge 50p each for these but books on golf are free, so save money and learn at the same time!!


Monday 12 January 2015

Captain's Log - 12 Jan 2015

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to golf 2015.  I hope that you all had a very enjoyable Christmas.

New diaries are now available from the pro shop.  There have been some date changes made since the diary was printed.

  • As requested by several ladies the Ping Pairs Better Ball competition has been delayed until later in the year.  It will now be held on Thursday 28 May when the weather should be good, resulting hopefully in high scores!
  • The O’Sullivan Cup which is a team competition has been brought forward to Thursday 19 March.
  • The Ann Warner and the Maureen Eastwood Trophies which are qualifying competitions will be held on Thursday 30 April.
Hopefully these changes won’t cause problems.  In case there are any further changes however, always check the noticeboards as well as your diary.

I trust that this year will be another great year for golf but just a couple of reminders to help everyone enjoy it.

  • Please ensure that you know the names of your playing partners and if you need to cancel then let them and the pro shop know.
  • Please also arrive in plenty of time to play your game.  In the winter months there is more chance that ladies will cancel due to bad weather and this can result in tee times being altered.
Congratulations to Julie and Lauren on the birth of their grandsons.  I believe Lauren has already ordered his first set of clubs!  Adorable baby photos are available to view on demand.  We have several other expectant grandmas this year so we will keep you informed!  We like to hear of happy events so please share them with us.