Wednesday 21 August 2013

Ladies v Junior Girls

The par-3 singles matchplay competition between the Ladies and the Junior girls took place this morning in glorious sunshine on the Lannocks Links course.  Charlotte Jackson, Courtney Manning, Charlotte Cook, Sydney Young and Danielle Sey played extremely well and put myself, Megan, Kathy Morris, Kathy Dale and Yvonne under a lot of pressure.  Tension took its toll, with a couple of the ladies hitting their first tee shot of the day into the rough on the right!  The girls, who were the winners of this competition last year, had us worried with their elegant and powerful swings.  Fortunately for us, the ladies put up their best performance and won 4:1 overall.  It was a very enjoyable day that enabled the girls to meet the ladies, so that when they make the transition from the Junior Section to the Ladies' Section it will not be a daunting prospect for them.  We finished the day off with sandwiches and chips and lots of chat.  It was great to hear about their Street Dance lessons and learn what music they like to listen to. It was great fun and made us feel a bit younger for a day!


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