Sunday 18 December 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 18 December 2022

Well here it is - Merry Christmas and my last newsletter. I am sure you will have better things to do next weekend than read my drivel. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be 2023 Ladies Captain of Chesfield Downs Golf Club

The snow put paid to any golf this week, meaning our Christmas Greensomes didn't happen.

Undaunted we gathered in festive spirits and Christmas jumpers for a quiz in the bar . We even attracted some interlopers at other tables who actually got the best score of the day! We finished off the morning with Mulled wine and mince pies

Winners from Chesfield Ladies were Debbie and Jacqui Hard on countback from Helen and Paula who took the Christmas theme to another level!

Ladies enjoyed the Christmas Party- food was good, dancing was energetic and company was excellent

While on the subject of photos please take a moment to look at the Photoboard which has been updated. Apologies to any missing events but I was having technical issues in Boots printing them off. Was frightening off other customers with my mutterings so had to leave!

There are still a few packs of Christmas Cards left - minimum donation of £3 for a pack of 5.Also knitted headbands ( only 3 left) £3 donation too. Hazel now has these.


None to report

Upcoming:- if the thaw doesn't flood the course!

Tuesday 20 December Pairs Betterball

Thursday 22 December Double on the Evens

Monday 26 December Mixed Mark Smith Boxing Day Scramble

Tuesday 27 December Practice Round

Thursday 29 December Practice Round

On now - over to Hazel

Hazel I am sure all the ladies would like to join me in wishing you and your 2023 Committee the very best of luck and good weather!!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all our Ladies Section

Signing off - Kathy Ladies Captain 2022

Monday 12 December 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 12 December 2022

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. But not on golf days please

So much is cancelled in this weather. Drive carefully if you absolutely need to go out. I am staying put in Shillington.


Saturday 3 December 3rd Hazel and Julie 38 Points

Tuesday 6th December 1st Julie Pr 56 Points 2nd Paula 53 Points. Great play Ladies

Thursday 8 December Hattersley Cup 9 holes only. Vice Captain's Team were triumphant. Well done

Thursday 8 December EGM. This was very well attended and we squashed in to the Range Bar. Thank you for your support

2023 Ladies Committee were voted in

Most of the constitution changes were passed except for " committee meeting minutes to be on ig only". There will continue to be a hard copy in the Changing Rooms

Sarah and Jackie R were drawn out of the hat to represent Chesfield Ladies for the next round of the Daily Mail Foursomes. We wish them the best of luck


Thursday 15th December Christmas Greensomes.9 holes followed by Mulled Wine and Mince Pies. Prizes for 1st and 2nd place in golf , Best Christmas Jumpers and Best Decorated Trolleys.

Thursday 15th December. Christmas Party. We have 3 tables reserved. You can pre order bottles of wine at the bar before he day and receive a 10% discount.

Changes to golf Rules for 2023 A hard copy is on the notice board in the Changing Rooms

Let's hope we have no more snow so we can lay our final competition of the year.


Sunday 4 December 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 4 December 2022

We are in December - can you believe it??? Are you counting down the days yet?

The weather yet again caused havoc with the Daily Mail Foursomes. We were called off the course because of fog. As detailed in the rules of competition if the competition is not played we can put forward a pair to go in to the next round. Ladies who played last Thursday have been asked if they would like to go through and we will pull the names out of a hat on Thursday.

Christmas Cards - still a few available. Pack of 3 minimum donation £3

Knitted headbands - still a few available in various colours. Minimum donation £3

If you haven't yet picked up your sleeveless t shirt please do so and pay £21 at reception

Thursday 8 December EGM Please spend a few minutes after golf to help us through this meeting. We need 10 members of the ladies section not counting the committee members.. This will take place after golf - which will be 9 holes only

Privacy settings on ig. Please check you have done this.

Go to Chesfield Downs Website
Click on menu ( top right)
Click on My Golf
Click on Preferences
WHS Data Upload - complete
Scroll down to Contact Preferences. Tick all boxes which are relevant to you

15th December Christmas Party Spaces now closed. If you haven't already done so please pay at Reception (NOT LADIES SECTION) and complete the sign up for food choices


Tuesday 6 December Double on Evens

Thursday 8th December Hattersley Cup. As the forecast is very cold ( minus figures) for Thursday this will be a 9 hole competition, followed by mince pies and mulled wine, followed by EGM. Please don't withdraw unless in exceptional circumstances. Lin, Hazel and I spend a long time trying to get the teams even.

Sunday 11 December Mixed Weekend Winter League Round 6


Tuesday 29 November Irish Stableford. Reduced to 9 holes because of bad weather Winners Paula, Pauline, Caroline and Kathy C

Wrap up warm, get those thermals and hand warmers out of the cupboard.


Monday 28 November 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 28 November 2022

Had a busy weekend so it's a Monday morning newsletter. Can you believe it's December on Thursday? Are you well in to your Christmas shopping or not even thought about it yet like me???

Back to Golf

What a great day we had on Thursday at the Winter Invitation (I'm not mentioning the lemon posset!!) The weather was so kind to us and the rain stayed away until we were having lunch.

Thursday 24th November Member winners;-NP Front Kathy C, NP Back Rosie, LD Front Sarah. LD Back Dead Heat Helen and Jenny B. Winner On Front 9 Julie Pr 20 points, Winner on back 9 Paula Moore 20 Points

A massive £721 was made from the 2 stalls. Thank you to everyone involved.

There is a thank you letter in the locker room from Lister Hospital. Between Pauline and myself we have raised £21,000

After the lunch on Thursday there was a locker left open with drink and biscuits in it. These were not prizes from the day. Anyone know anything about these? I have them in my locker now.

Don't forget we have a little recycling area at the back of the locker room - corks, used batteries, used blister packs, dud pens, felt tips etc.


Thursday 1st December- Ladies Section Committee Meeting. Please let Olive know byTuesday 29th November if you have any items for the agenda.

Thursday 8th December - notice has been given for an EGM after golf. We need to vote in next year's committee and there is some wording which needs amending in the constitution. We need 10 ladies to attend not counting committee members. It will be a brief meeting.

Thursday 8th December - Hattersley Cup. This is on ig at the moment as a Stableford Qualifier. Apologies for the mix up. Lin will change this but if you were originally down for Hattersley Cup and can no longer play or if you weren't originally down but can play can you let me know please.

Thursday 15th December Christmas Greensomes This is a 9 hole competition. Prizes for Christmas Jumpers, best decorated trolley (can anyone beat Amanda?) and of course for winners of golf. Mince pies and mulled wine after golf, courtesy of the Club.

Thursday 15th December Christmas Party A few spaces left and these will be given back on Wednesday 30th November Cost £30 payable directly to Club at reception NOT to Ladies Section Please pay ASAP.

General Play Cards England Golf have changed the way we submit the score. No need to photograph your card. You need to sign it on your phone (as you would when accepting some deliveries). You and the marker must both have the latest update of ig to do this.


Tuesday 22 November Double the Odds. Sangeeta 55 Points 2nd Lynn Craig 49 Points

Happy Golfing in this unseasonably mild weather


Sunday 20 November 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 20 November 2022

How many more times can rain interfere with play??? I think this week is looking good so far so please keep everything crossed for a fine day on Thursday for our Winter Invitation. We have 52 visitors joining us for the golf and the lunch, our great hospitality is now known far and wide. It's shaping up to be a good day.

Bottles and chocolates still being accepted. Thank you for all the donations so far. Please let your guests know that there will be a tombola, £2 per ticket, and also a table of second hand golf clothing and equipment. Bring some cash although card payment will also be accepted

I said in the newsletter last week I would think long and hard before spending any of the money you donated to me. Well the wind and rain made a decision for me - it thoroughly ruined my umbrella so that will be the first purchase!!!!

For those of you who haven't heard, there are going to be some refurbishments in the club in 2023, and the great news is that the ladies toilets will be part of these works. Also new electric buggies will be bought. Things are looking up.

Thank you to those ladies who attended the Club AGM and supported the section. Always good to see ladies there.

Thursday 15th December - Christmas Party. Christina is giving us a good discount on this - £30. 24 ladies have signed up already so it should be a good night.

There are 8 places left. Will return any unused places to the club by 30 November. Get in quick.

Thursday 1st December - last committee meeting of my Captaincy. If you have an item for the agenda please notify Olive in writing.

Recycling - there are already recycling boxes in the locker room courtesy of Jackie R (corks and used batteries) Amanda's church collects used blister packs. She is going to put a box in the locker room for these too. Rosie is collecting used pens, felt tips, markers, crayons, highlighters, plus correction tape and bottles. Please help to save our environment and support this recycling rather than putting items in landfill. The boxes will be at the back of the locker room near the hand basin.

Wednesday 16th November

Report from Margaret G re Pearson Match v Old Fold Manor

We may have lost again today but we were happy with how we played. Everyone giving away several shots made the challenge difficult! At least it stayed dry for us and the ladies of Old Fold were lovely. Mxxx

We appreciate all your efforts ladies and we know you always do your very best. Thank you

Sunday 13th November Mixed Weekend Winter League, Round 2. Julie Pr smashed the field with her 43 Points. Fantastic Result Julie.

No Tuesday and Thursday results as rain stopped play!!!

Stay warm and dry everyone

Anyone started/finished their Christmas Shopping?????


Sunday 13 November 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 13 November 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM. Sorry about the unconstitutional occurrence. We are working very hard to rectify this

A huge thank you to you ladies for my presents. I love the photo book, the flowers, the card and the chocolates - have made a dent in them already! Also thank you for your very generous cheque, I will think long and hard before spending any of it.

It has been a great privilege to represent Chesfield Downs Ladies Section for 2022 There have been many mistakes or should I call them evolutionary opportunities?

But I hope I leave the section in a good place for Hazel to enjoy 2023.

Pearson Team fought valiantly at The Melbourne but the home team won the day. They had to contend with horrendous rain and thunder and lightning. matches were suspended but resumed dripping wet and soaked through when the sun came out. Well done ladies - very proud of you all.

Message from Karen re submitting General Play cards on to ig

The Ladies need to update their IG version to 2.4.1 and when submitting a General Play card both the Player and the Marker need to be on the same version of the software. Lin and Megan have tried it and it worked ok

IG have removed the need for scorecard photographs for general play rounds. The scorecard attestation process for general play cards has been significantly improved with the use of signatures for both the player and the marker.

Members can now sign their card in the app, search for another member, then send their playing partner a request to mark their card. The marker will receive a push notification and a banner in their app which tells them a score is waiting to be verified. The marker can then approve or reject this score which will notify the player that the card can now be finalised. If the card is rejected a reason must be provided which will also be sent to the player.

Although this process is very straightforward, England Golf have produced a short video which can be shared

There is a video on You Tube - igmember App Score Attestation Demo


Tuesday 8th November Double on Yellows. 1st Julie Price 48 Points 2nd Hazel 43 Points

Saturday 15th October/ Thursday 10th November Cup Winners Cup Winner Sarah Faircliff Nett 74

Consolation Cup Winner Mary Harrison Nett 75


Tuesday 15 November Gruesomes. Weather is looking gruesome!

Tuesday 15th November 7 pm Club AGM

Thursday 17th November Hattersley Cup Hazel and I are looking forward to our battle on Thursday - Captain v Vice Captain. Teams are on ig. First Pair are on Captain's Team, second pair are on Vice Captain's team We did the draw on Friday picking blindly from a high handicap envelope and then a low handicap envelope. Good luck everyone - weather looks good at the moment. I hope you have let Ann Kane know if you are staying for tea and cakes.

If you have represented a team this year but are not playing but can still come for refreshments please let Ann K know.

Saturday 19th November Mixed Winter league

Tuesday 22 November Double the Odds

Thursday 24th November 9 hole Winter Invitation. We have 87 players entered for this comp. It is going to be a great day

Thank you to everyone who has donated bottles and chocolates - there is room for just a few more of these.

The weather is still quite mild for November - let's make the most of this. get those General Play Cards in.

Sunday 30 October 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 30 October 2022

Tuesday is November and on Friday I was playing in tee shirt!!

We are having a weekend in London next weekend so no newsletter.

Congratulations to Rogie on her Hole in One during a Pearson Match! Fantastic.

Please welcome Gill M who joined the Club last week.

Thursday 10th November. Ladies Section AGM, straight after golf. Please come and support your section. Refreshments provided courtesy of the Club.

Christmas Cards ( yes I know we haven't yet had Halloween, but the shops have had them in since August), created and painted by Mandy. Pack of 5 for minimum donation of £3 per pack. I will have them on display every Tuesday and Thursday and of course at the Winter Invitation. Hurry they are selling quickly.

Sleeveless t shirts which should have been white but are mint/aqua (Very nice colour). There was miscommunication between myself and Barry. If you ordered one please pick them up from the reception for £21

Thursday 3rd November - next Ladies Committee meeting. Please let Olive know ASAP if you have any items for the agenda

Thursday17th November Hattersley Cup. This is match play Captain v Vice Captain Teams. Sign Up before 10th November which gives Hazel and me time to sort out the teams.

Thursday 17th November - cakes after game for players and also for anyone who represented Friendly, Pearson or Scratch Teams this year. Please let Ann K know if you are not staying or coming specially for refreshments.

Thursday 24 November Winter Invitation 84 Ladies already signed up. Hurry to bag a tee time if you haven't already. Lots of visitors, lots of prizes. Don't forget to bring in bottles ( of any description) and chocolates for the tombola stall. £2 per ticket.There will also be the last chance to buy the current stock of used golf clothes and equipment.

Lin needs to know the CDH number of all visitors.

Ann K needs to know of any dietary requirements.

Pay £22 in to Ladies Section Account.

Bring some cash on the day and let your visitors know.

Thursday 15th December - Christmas Greensomes. Dust off the Christmas jumpers and decorate your trollies. Prizes for best golf and jumper and trolley. Take snacks on to the course and enjoy the 9 holes.

In the evening dress to impress at the Chesfield Downs Christmas Party. Ladies Section have reserved 4 tables of 8.

Please let Linda B know if you would like a place. Pay at reception - £31.50 for members. Linda is going to put a notice up in locker room for food options

Pearson Sweaters needed:-

If you own a Pearson sweater and are no longer eligible for the team, Margaret G would love to have them donated to the squad supplies. Please contact Margaret directly.


Tuesday 1 November - Mulligans

Thursday 3 November Daily Mail Foursomes - Good Luck everyone

Saturday 5 November Mixed Winter League

Tuesday 8 November Double Off the Yellows

Thursday 10 November Cup Winners Cup/ Consolation Cup

Sunday 13 November Mixed Winter League


Tuesday 18 October Individual Stableford 1st Pam W 38 Points. Second Sarah 34 Points

Tuesday 25 October Split 3s Winning Team Jan W, Annette B, Paula, and Jacqui Hard 88 Points

Wednesday 26th October Pearson home match v Old Fold Manor

Report from Margaret Team Captain

Sadly we lost the match overall against Old Fold Manor 4 and 3 but there were some great wins by Julie P, Megan and Cheryl. Other games were very hard fought by Olive, Rosie, Jacqui and Rogie and indeed the 9th hole saw Rogie's ball go down in one, a great achievement and her first ever "Hole in one"! Sorry no photo but will try and remember next time.

Good Luck for your next match on Tuesday - The Melbourne away (formerly Brocket Hall)

Thursday 27 October- Faircliff Scratch/Taylor Handicap KO. Well done to the top 8 scorers who enter the Scratch KO and the next 8 who enter the Handicap KO

First Round due to be completed by 6th February. Good Luck everyone.

Sunday 30 October Double off the Evens Winner Jacqui H 50 Points.

Kathy Ladies Captain 2022

Sunday 23 October 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 23 October 2022

Happy Autumn. Beautiful foliage and rain!!!

Many of us attended Marion's funeral on Wednesday - what a beautiful service for a wonderful lady. If you weren't there and would like to contribute to the chosen charity it is Garden House Hospice ( The Order of Service is pinned up in the locker room.

Settle in, there is lots of info in this newsletter

Portugal Trip went very well. 16 ladies enjoyed the sun, the courses, the food and the alcohol

Sunday 25 June - Tuesday 27th June Next away Ladies Away Weekend. Please pay £50 deposit ASAP

MacMillan Coffee Morning hosted by Wendy- over £600 has been raised so far, with a further £130 raised by ladies who entered a draw to win a 4 ball at Letchworth Golf Club The lucky winner was Mandy. Well done Wendy and all the ladies who attended. Not too late to give Wendy a donation

Wednesday 26th October Pearson Team first match of the season at home to Old Fold Manor under the new Captain Margaret G. Good luck ladies

Wednesday 26th October Book Club next meeting. Meet 6.30 for 7 pm. Hope you have read the book and enjoyed it.

Thursday 3 November Next Ladies Committee meeting. If you have any items for the agenda please let Olive know ASAP

Thursday 10th November new date for Cup Winners Cup/Consolation Cup. Money will be refunded from Thursday 20th October. Sign up will open on Thursday 27th October. The alternate Saturday date and results will stand.

Thursday 10th November After golf AGM where prizes will be given for all cups and trophies not yet presented plus all the monthly Medal and Stableford competitions

If you have any item for the agenda please let Olive have it ASAP but at the latest 31 October

There will be snacks available courtesy of Chesfield Golf Club.

Thursday 17th November Beverley Hattersley Cup This is a Match Play Competition Captain's Team v Vice Captain's Team. Sign up will open on 27th October and will close on 10th November. Hazel and I will then allocate players to one or other of our teams. All Players are invited to tea and cake afterwards. If you are not able to stay for refreshments afterwards please let Ann K know.

Thursday 17th November tea/coffee and cakes for those players who have played in Scratch, Pearson or Friendly matches this year. This is a thank you for your commitment to the section. Please let Ann K know if you will/will not be able to attend at by 10th November

Thursday 24th November Winter Invitation. We have had a fantastic response from other clubs who would like to take part - that is because we are such a welcoming club! Sign Up NOW on ig.

Please let Ann K know of any dietary requirements ASAP and at least a week in advance

Please let Lin G have your visitors CDH number so she can put their names on ig. Also please pay into Ladies Section (£22 per person) or let guests have details of Ladies Section Account.

I will have a bottle and chocolate tombola stall at this event. I would appreciate donations of any sort of bottle and any sort of chocolate ( I will try not to eat them!)

Please tell your friends to bring some cash. Tombola tickets will be £2 each

There will be the last chance to purchase items from the used golf clothes and equipment stall

Christmas Cards by our very talented Mandy will be available for purchase at this event but also from now. Pack of 5 for minimum donation of £3

Mandy has very cleverly included tributes to The Queen and Ukraine into this design


Reports from Sarah

Sarah recently took part in the Club Company Champion of Champions held at the Warwickshire. This is by way of the Club Company congratulating all their Club Champions (Men, Ladies, Seniors and Juniors) If you haven’t played there then it is well worth a visit. Three courses, hotel etc etc. The course was in excellent condition with some very difficult flag positions - a shame that my golf was not in the same excellent condition that day! It was fun and good to meet some other Club Champs from around the company.

Kathy D and Sarah F represented Chesfield in the Hertfordshire Senior Ladies Championship held this year at South Herts. Not sure either of us played our best golf that day but it was challenging to put ourselves out there! Also lunch was good!!

Big thank you to Sarah and Kathy D for flying the flag for Chesfield Ladies.

Thursday 13 October Lauren Pitcher Plate Winner Nicola 38 Points

Thursday 13 October Autumn Stableford. Kathy D 39 Points


Thursday 27th October Sarah Faircliff Scratch/Rogie Taylor Handicap KO Q

Sunday 29 October Ladies Double on the Evens

Tuesday 1 November Mulligans

Thursday 3 November Daily Mail Foursomes

I think snorkels and swimsuits may be needed next week - take care

Ladies Captain 2022

Sunday 9 October 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 9 October 2022

Aren't the trees turning a gorgeous colour on the course? Autumn is truly on its way but we are still enjoying some warm weather.

I think we are all still reeling from the loss of our dear friend Marion. It has been so sudden and difficult to take in. We can't imagine what her family are going through. Her funeral will take place on Wednesday 19 October 11 am at North Herts Crematorium, Bedford Road, Holwell. Then afterwards at The Plume and Feathers in Ickleford. Please let me know ASAP if you will be going to The Plume and Feathers as Brian ( Marion's husband ) needs to know numbers for catering. At the moment I have 14 attending crematorium only and 12 attending both. It has been suggested that if possible we wear purple club jumpers with a pink polo shirt

It was good for us to remember her in a celebratory way last week when we wore pink and toasted her in lager and Prosecco

I am afraid more sad news - Brenda Harrington whom some of you may remember fondly has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and is now in a hospice. Megan is going up there tonight (Sunday) and I have given her a card from all the section. If flowers are allowed Megan will give her flowers from us too.

Wednesday 21 October between 10.30- 1.30 Wendy will be holding a MacMillan Coffee morning. Her address is 4 Rectory Lane, Stevenage, SG1 4BY Tel. 0780 3888 162 Please car share when possible

Thursday 10 November after golf Ladies Section AGM. We are trialling this time as last year there was not a good turn out. Please let Olive know if you are attending and also if you need to send apologies.

If you have any questions you wish to raise please let Olive have them ASAP

Thursday 13 October is the next ladies committee meeting - please let Olive know ASAP if you would like anything on the agenda


Tuesday 20 September Three Blind Mice 1st Helen 33 Points 2nd Rosie on count back

Monday 26th September Match v Redbourn Draw - 2 -2

Thursday 29th September Stableford Q Division 1 1st Pat W 36 Points Division 2 1st Jan W 36 points Division 3 Pam W 31 points

Sunday 2nd October Weekend EG/Club Medal Q 1st Clare L Nett 73

Thursday 6th October Kathy Dale Trophy 1st Sarah Faircliff Nett 71

Thursday 6th October Autumn Medal Q Division 1 1st Jackie R Nett 72 Division 2 1st Amanda U Nett 68 Division 3 Susanne M Nett 75

Sunday 9 October Ladies v men Draw 3-3 Well done ladies


Tuesday 11 October Half and Half

Thursday 13 October Lauren Pitcher Plate for those who have won a monthly Stableford competition

Thursday 13 October Autumn Stableford Q Open to everyone else

Friday 14 October - Tuesday 18 October Chesfield Ladies Trip to Portugal!!!

Saturday 15 OctoberAlternative Consolation Cup

Saturday 15 October Cup Winners Cup

Tuesday 18 October Stableford

Thursday 20 October Consolation Cup Q

Thursday 20th October Ladies Cup Winners Cup DO NOT PICK UP

Thursday 24th November 9 hole Winter Invitation. Thank you to those people who have already invited friends/ teams. Much appreciated. This is my last chance to raise funds for my charities

Thursday 15 December Christmas Greensomes. Wear your festive jumpers, decorate your trolley, take snacks on to the course.

Evening of 15 December Christmas Party time at Chesfield Cost £31.50 Save the date

The lock on the changing room door is dodgy - please can you make sure that the door is firmly closed and locked behind you when you leave

Sangeeta owner of Walkwell Ltd in both Stevenage and Letchworth is offering a 10% discount across the stores and podiatry treatments. They have a huge range of footwear and foot care products. They have a beauty clinic in Letchworth and podiatry clinics in both locations.

Sangeeta specialises in biomechanics, fascia manipulation, exercise therapy and custom orthotics.

To get the discount just present your club membership card.

There will be no newsletter next weekend as I will be with the Portugal trip

Ladies Captain 2022

Sunday 25 September 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 25 September 2022

This week we are all trying to get our heads around the sudden and quick death of our lovely smiley friend Marion.

On Tuesday 27th September it has been suggested that we flood the course with pink in Marion's memory. If you aren't going to be at Chesfield then honour Marion's memory wherever you may be. We will raise a toast to her in the clubhouse afterwards and those of us who can will toast her in her favourite tipple - lager.

The flags remain at half mast in her memory.

The funeral will be a while yet as there is to be a post mortem and an autopsy

RIP Marion

Wednesday 28th September 6.30 sees the inaugural meeting of the Chesfield Downs Ladies Book Club. Thanks to Pat Ward for organising this. I for one am really looking forward to discussing books with everyone.

Thursday 10th November Ladies AGM after golf in the conservatory. Please let Olive know if you are attending or sending your apologies.

Tuesday 15 November 7 pm Club AGM. All welcome

Hazel would like to let everyone know that due to family commitments Jackie S has reluctantly withdrawn from Vice Captaincy next year. Hazel is pleased to announce that Olive has agreed to be her Vice Captain for 2023.

Reminder that entry into a competition with food afterwards is one price whether or not you stay for the food. Withdrawal from the comp within the week means that we still have to pay for food so payment will not be refunded.

Thursday 22 September Autumn Meeting.Weather was good, food was excellent golf was variable! Special thanks to Amanda for the beautiful autumn table decorations. She really is a star.

Winner of the Chris Leary Chalice was Margaret G with 41 Points. Well done Margaret.

Best Front 9 was Rosie

Best Back 9 was Marica

NP on 9th was Susanne

LD on 15th was Pat W

Lots of birdie badges were presented:- 14 for first birdie: 5 for 10 birdies: 2 for 20 Birdies: 5 Eagles, and 1 hole in one!

I will refresh the photo board with recent winners and events


Tuesday 27th September Stableford League Round 7 Wear Pink for Marion. Ideal opportunity to submit a General Play Card

Thursday 29th September September Stableford Q

Sunday 2 October Weekend EG/Club Medal Q

Tuesday 4 October 4 Ball Betterball. 9 holes only. Back 9 closed for maintenance

Thursday 6 October Kathy Dale Trophy Q ( by invitation) and Autumn Medal Q

Thursday 24 November 9 hole Winter Invitation Invite your female friends. 2 course meal after round and lots of prizes to be won.

Thursday 15 December Christmas Greensomes. Dig out that Christmas Jumper. Decorate your trolley. Take snacks on the course.

Followed that evening by Christmas Party Night Cost £31.50 Save the Date

Is it time to dig out the thermals? the woolly hats? the winter gloves?

No newsletter next week as I will be in York. Enjoy the break from me!