Monday, 4 April 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 4 April 2022

Here we are back in winter! Snow flurries put paid to the Megan Bonner yet again

I began to wonder if this comp would ever get played. However a compromise was reached - a later start, and once around the Par 3. The delicious soup was very welcome when we returned to the clubhouse.

I hope those of you who experienced the Power Point Presentation devised by Hazel were entertained and educated, not to mention the chocolates! Virginia is going to put the presentation on the Ladies website, and then I will put a link in the newsletter

Some people took the delayed start to learn some new IT.

Captains' Drive In A very successful day. Temperature as I arrived at the club was -2 degrees! We were knocking ice from our shoes on the first 3 holes. Then the temperature rose to a balmy 12 degrees and it was a great day. The icing on the cake was that the competition was won by an all-ladies team: Julie Pr, Anne L, Nikki B and Cheryl.

Well done. And Nikki won one of the Captains' Drive In flags. Win-Win.

A very big thank you to Barry and all the staff for making the day go well. I certainly enjoyed my free drink to give me Dutch courage for the Drive In

A great turn out of ladies to support the section - thank you.  It's been said before but I will say it again - Chesfield have THE BEST ladies section.


Mixed Winter League Round 17. Top ladies team was Hazel, Jacqui Harbor, Lin G and Julie Price

Saturday 26th March Mixed Roger Burman Warm Up :- Lin G came second in a field of 70. Great Result

Megan Bonner result will be announced and presented at Spring Meeting

It's been a very busy weekend for my family so apologies that this newsletter is a bit late


Kay Baker 9 hole comp. Please sign up on line AND in locker room

Jubilee Jug. I am sure by now you all have your dress-up ready. Cost is £8, please pay directly to ladies section

Mary Warmoth Pairs Knockout and Ann Grist Singles Knockout Comps. Sign up will be on ig shortly. If you would like to enter the pairs, get your pairs sorted

It's been a very busy weekend for my family so apologies that this newsletter is a bit late.

Kathy Carroll
Ladies Captain

Sunday, 27 March 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 27 March 2022

Well yet again Man proposes God disposes. I said there wouldn't be a newsletter this week as I was supposed to be in the north celebrating 2 big birthdays of my cousins. Covid had other ideas and has kept me in Shillington

The weather has been perfect for golf this week I hope that those of you were able to get out had a great time. Commiserations to those who were stuck in the house with Covid and could only imagine the joy of being on the course this week. Now I will stop being morbid!!

Next ladies committee meeting is Thursday 7 April. Please let Jackie Swanson have any items which you may like to raise. Must be submitted by Tuesday 29th March

5 members of Chesfield Downs spent an enjoyable day at Castle Royle Golf CLub courtesy of The Club Company. The weather and company were great - the golf not so much. Thank you to Barry for organising

Upcoming Comps:-

NB Change of date for Spring Meeting

This will now be held on Thursday 19 May to allow Chesfield Ladies to take part in the Inter Club Competition at Benton Hall

Tuesday 29th March Start of the Stableford League Comp

Thursday 31 March The long awaited Megan Bonner Par 3 Comp. Shotgun Start 9.30 am Half handicap allowance Open to all. Followed by soup and a superb Power Point Presentation put together by Hazel. See some familiar faces in the Power Point. Cards have been written out and can be picked up from the bar from 8.15. Please let me know if you cannot play. Soup will be served in the upstairs studio also presentation of Birdie Badges

Check your Start tees here:-

1 Jacky S Megan Marica Kathy C

2 Margaret G Caroline R Julie Pr Julie R

3 Hazel Sarah Pauline Katy

4 Helen Jacqui Harb Paula M

5 Jenny B Debbie F Lyn C Ann K

6 Rosie Jackie R Jacqui Hard Karen

7 Mary H Lin G

7 a Pat W Nicola A Linda B

8 Mandy Rogie Maggi T Linda A

9 Hilary Jenny F Angela Pam W

This is correct as of Friday pm can you please let me know if you are not staying for soup afterwards

Saturday 2 April Mixed Roger Burman Warm Up

Sunday 3rd April Scratch Team Away Brookmans Park. Good Luck Ladies

Sunday April 3 Captains Drive In Sign up sheet in corridor Shotgun start at 8 am. If that is too early then arrive about 1.15 to plant a flag where you estimate a captain's drive will end up.

Tuesday 12 April Kay Baker 9 hole comp followed by refreshments in conservatory. Presentation by Kay's brother

Thursday 14 April Jubilee Jug with Easter theme. Get your outfits ready and/or decorate those trolleys

Friday 22 April First Friendly Match of the season. This is a great way to gain match experience. Sign up in Ladies Locker Room for this and future matches


Saturday 19 March Mixed Winter League Round 16 Stableford- Top Ladies Kathy D and Annette G Well done Ladies

Tuesday 22 March Patsom Pairs 1st Rosie Ann K 45 Points 2nd Linda A Jacqui Hard 43 Points Well Done Ladies

Thursday 24 March Maria Moore Millenium Bowl 1st Sarah and Margaret G 46 Points 2nd Paula and Caroline 46 Points. Great results in fantastic weather. Close fought comp

Correction - Daily Mail. Helen's partner was Jacqui Harbor and not Hazel. Apologies Jacqui

Apologies for format of last newsletter - I have no idea why it came out so tiny and with fractured text. Hope this doesn't happen with this one!


Saturday, 19 March 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 19 March 2022

Well I think Spring has Sprung. The sun is out and the temperature is climbing

How lovely is it to be able to swing without wearing several layers of clothing?

Upcoming Comps:-

Thursday 24 March Maria Moore Millenium Bowl Need to have played 3 qualifiers to enter this comp.There are still a few places left on the sign up sheet on ig

Tuesday 29 March - start of the Stableford league comp

Thursday 31 March Megan Bonner This is 3rd time lucky for this date. Fingers crossed. Open to all. Soup and roll served afterwards in the studio upstairs. Followed by Power Point Presentation complied by Hazel - lighthearted question and answer session after Power Point and there may be chocolate rewards for answers!

Birdies from 2021will be also presented at this event

Sunday 3 April Captains Drive In. 8 am Shotgun Start The sign up sheet is filling up nicely but still a few places left. Come on you can get up early one day of the year!

If you can't face an early start then arrive about 1.15 to plant a flag to guess where a Captains Drive will land. ( Spoiler - try the bunker)

Tuesday 12 April Kay Baker Memorial Bowl. This is a 9 hole comp open to all. Refreshments afterwards in the conservatory. Kay's brother will present the award

Thursday 14 April Jubilee Jug - Pairs Betterball. Need to have played in 3 qualifiers to win. Have you got your Easter outfit/ trolley decorations ready yet?

Friday 22 April First Friendly match v Pavenham away. Sign up sheet is in locker room along with sign up for future matches. This is a great way to start learning about match play. Newer ladies are paired with more experienced ladies in a pairs comp

Results -:

Sunday 13 March Mixed Winter League 3 Clubs and a putter. Top ladies - Hazel and Jacqui Harb.

Tuesday 15 March - Daytona Pairs 1st with 624 points Hazel and Jacqui Harb 2nd with 690 points Marica and Jackie Hard I think Hazel deserves a maths degree for working all those scores out. My group really laughed during this game but were grateful we didn't have to work out the result

Thursday 17 March Price Vase goes to Nikki Brooke. Well done Nikki -First cup of the season

and the lady herself leading us all into bad habits on Portugal trip 2018

News and Updates:-

Thursday 12 May - Interclub Championship. This is run by The Club Company and is being held at Benton Hall 8 Senior men and 8 ladies of any age make up a team from the club. Chesfield have their quota of Senior men but not ladies. This date is also Ladies Spring meeting at Chesfield, however if you would like to represent the club go ahead and let Barry know. It would be a shame if the ladies were not represented. The final will be at Chesfield Downs 22 June.

I have heard it is a course worth playing!!!

Driving Range - I was asked when this would be open at the earlier time again. At the moment the balls are still being picked up by hand because of the wet conditions. Hopefully this mild weather will speed up the drying process and the tractor will once again be in use and the range can open earlier.

I am aware that the hairdryers are not working in the locker room and Barry has been informed.

I am away again next weekend so no newsletter. I am returning to my roots for a family birthday party. Do remember if you have anything you wish to be included in the newsletter then please e mail or text me.

Top Tip When leaving trolley near ditch on 10th hole until after your tee shot on the 11th please ensure it is not interfering with the players behind you with their shot on to the green Hand up - guilty as charged!


Friday, 11 March 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 11 March 2022

I thought I was going to be able to start this newsletter with a cheery Spring Has Sprung - but as I write this it is raining again!

The weather has once again dictated our golf with some rearranging necessary - thank you Lin

Megan Bonner comp now 31 March Open to all lady members

Kay O'Sullivan comp now 30 June


Sunday 27th February Weekend Mixed Winter League. Top Ladies Jacqui H with -1 against the course Caroline K -2 against the course

Saturday 5th March Weekend Winter League. Top Ladies Lyn C and Jacqui S

Tuesday 1st March Double the Evens. 1st Ann K

Thursday 10 March Medal Div 1 Linda B nett 77, Div 2 Mary H nett 77, Div 3 Anne K nett 77

Pearson Match 28 February Great Hadden Away - result 5-2 In spite of our ladies fighting very hard it wasn't their day

Daily Mail Helen and Hazel had an enjoyable home match against 2 very nice ladies from Letchworth, however again it wasn't their day

12 March - alternate day for Price Vase - qualifier

17 March Price Vase - qualifier

24 March Maria Moore Millenium Bowl pairs . Entrants must have completed 3 qualifiers. Karen will let you know if you haven't

Tuesday 12 April Kay baker memorial Bowl 9 Hole Comp Presentation afterwards by Kay's brother

Thursday 14 April Jubilee Jug. Have you got your easter theme sorted yet?

Sunday 3rd April 8 am Shotgun Start. Captains Drive In. This is the annual start of the golf season. The day will start with a Mixed Alliance team competition with the best 2 scores to count. Entry Fee will be £3. Five day members can have the courtesy of the course - ie no extra charge. Sign up Sheet is already up in the Clubhouse. Please support myself and the other Captains on this opening of the season. Following the competition, there will be an opportunity to buy a small flag for £1 each. You put your name on the flag and place it where you think any of the Captains drives will land. (mine will probably be in the bunker!). If you can't play in the competition then come up to the club to plant a flag - probably about 1.15 pm

Driving Range Bay Reservations available for members:- Members can book up to a week in advance for 2 bays between the following times. Just call the club.

Monday and Wednesday 4-8pm

Saturday and Sunday 8 am - Midday

Bays will be released to general public should they not be booked.

Removal of 7th Bunkers explained - These bunkers were very problematic with holding rainwater even with drainage installed. In consultation with the Group Course manager for the Club Company and the architect who originally designed Chesfield Downs it was agreed to remove the bunkers. It wasn't in the 5 year plan purely because it was decided during the process of work being carried out. When the spring arrives and the growth starts, the hole will be shaped and defined with how it is mown. Thank you to JohnJo for this explanation.

Hazel has put up a sign up sheet for the first friendly match of the season which is Pavenham away on Friday 22 April. The format is pairs. Please support the ladies section by signing up. It is an excellent way of gaining match practice while playing with a more experienced partner. It also gives you the opportunity to play some different courses for free!

Hertfordshire Golf have asked to share the following survey which should take about 10 minutes. It can be found at:-

You may need to type this in to your search engine

Apologies for lack of colour and photos in this edition - however I lost the whole lot first time around! The air was blue!

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 26 February 2022

The weather continues to play havoc with our golf. Carry only for those who can. Top Tracer for those who can't

Anyone know how to use the computer??

In better news the cherry blossom is out in my garden - spring is just around the corner

1st March Our own birdies return from hibernation. For new members if you gain a birdie in our ladies comps, or in a match you can earn a birdie badge for first one then you need to earn more for 2nd

Please put your name in the birdie book which will be in the locker room. Make sure your marker also signs it. There is a birdie tree behind the locker room door - please put your name on the appropriate leaf.

19 February Clare L was the only lady who braved the elements to play in the Mixed Weekend Winter league. Well done Clare

20 February Four Ball Betterball The winners with a fantastic score of 25 points Hazel and Maggi Second with an impressive 20 points Margaret F and Julie Pr

28 February Pearson Match v Great Hadden (away) Good Luck ladies

March 1st Pick your Poison 18 hole Comp. Trollies are back just in time but carry if you can

2 March Pearson Match v Welwyn Garden City (home) Good Luck ladies

3 March First Qualifier of the year. Balls will be available on the range for practice

10 March O'Sullivan Team Alliance Winners must have played in 3 qualifying comps in ladies section. Karen will notify you if you haven't

12 March - alternate day for Price Vase. Singles qualifier. Playing 9/10th of handicap. Winners must have played in 3 qualifying comps in ladies section. Karen will notify you if you haven't

17 March Price Vase. Singles qualifier. Playing 9/10th of handicap Winners must have played in 3 qualifying comps in ladies section. Karen will notify you if you haven't.

24 March Maria Moore Millenium Bowl Pairs Betterball Playing off 95% handicap. Winners must have played in 3 qualifying comps in ladies section.Karen will notify you if you haven't

31 March Rescheduled date for Megan Bonner Par 3 comp. Fun comp open to all. Soup afterwards plus etiquette presentation. Fingers crossed for better weather this time

Sunday 3 April Captains Drive In. All welcome - shotgun start at 8 am???? All welcome - courtesy of the course given to 5 day members

Tuesday 12 April Kay Baker memorial Bowl 9 hole comp. Presentation and refreshments afterwards and Kay's brother will present the award

14 April Jubilee Jug with an Easter theme. Get those creative thinking caps on

Club jumpers I now have 11 for the order and will now get this to Barry to take forward

Chesfield Downs Golf and Country Club has been nominated for Club of the Year. Well done to all the staff. We know we belong to the best club but it is always good to be acknowledged

Top Tip Keep your temper under control and mind your language

NB There won't be a newsletter next weekend as I am going away

However I am hoping to have news of a great fundraiser in the next newsletter- just waiting for a medical letter to say I am fit to go ahead. Luckily it's physical and not mental - I would never pass that

Friday, 18 February 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 18 February 2022

As I sit here writing this I wonder if we will have a house left tomorrow. Thank goodness the course is closed today - there would have been flying trollies all over the place

Tuesday 15 February A Gift a wish a joker 1st was Vicky Thompson with 21 points. 2nd on count back was Linda Anderson

13 February 4 BBBWeekend winter league 7th Kathy Dale and John Dale 41 points 12th Megan Bonner and Alan Bonner 39 points

Our first cup/trophy is next week

24 February - Megan Bonner Par 3 comp. Cards have been written out, soup ordered, conservatory booked, par 3 booked. Now all we need is for the weather to improve

Cards can be picked up in the bar from 8.45. Please be on the tee 10 minutes before the start time of 9.28, bear in mind some people have quite a hike to their first tee

Monday 28th February Pearson match against Great Hadam - away. Good Luck ladies

3 March First qualifier of the year - medal. You know you love them. Hopefully will have free balls for the range

10 March O'Sullivan Cup Team Alliance. Winners must have played in 3 qualifying matches in Ladies Section

12 March. Alternate date for Price Vase

17th March Price Vase Singles, qualifier. Playing off 95% Winners must have played in 3 qualifying matches in Ladies Section

24 March. Maria Moore Millenium Bowl Pairs Betterball 9/10th individual handicap Winners must have played in 3 qualifying matches in Ladies Section Section

Sunday 3 April Captains Drive In. Note change of date All welcome to play.

Tuesday 12 April Kay Baker Memorial Bowl 9 hole comp . Presentation and refreshments in the conservatory after comp. Kay's brothers will present the award.

14 April Jubilee Jug. This will have an Easter Theme. I know one lady has already sorted her outfit! Get creative

Club Jumpers 9 ladies have asked for these. I will bring mine in on Tuesday and maybe other people can bring theirs in so that ladies can try them on for size

Hopefully you have noticed that we have a new door on the Ladies Locker Room. Please ask at the desk for the entry code

Caption "Glad - I didn't order that" - thank you to Hillary

Top Tips Repair divots and pitch marks and rake the bunkers

Just giving page stands at £616. Thank you

Friday, 11 February 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 11 February 2022

Do you realise we are half way through the academic year!!! Quite a scary thought

Quite a quiet week so not a long news letter

24th February CHANGE TO TIMES FOR MEGAN BONNER Shotgun ( probably a whistle!) start will now be 9.30 am. There are a few places left. Sign up sheet will be up until 17 February. Don't forget to order your soup - or not

Tuesdays competition was 5 clubs and a putter. How many times did you hear the cry - " I haven't got the right club"

However 2 ladies obviously did have the correct clubs:- Winner Margaret G 19 points Runner Up Pat W 17 points. Well done ladies on your choice of clubs and good play.

Thursday 17th February last round of the 12 hole winter eclectic

I was thrilled to receive this from Just Giving. Over £600 now on the page. You are very generous ladies

Club Jumpers:-I have 6 ladies interested. I will give Barry the order at the end of the month. Please let me know if you would like to order one, either v neck or part zip

Weekend Away 2012 what do you think Megan is thinking?????

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 29 January 2022

Last newsletter of January!!! Dry January is almost finished. Well done to those who have persevered

Sunny days are getting closer Golf without 4 layers of clothes on are coming.

24th February - Megan Bonner Par 3 comp. Sign up sheet is in locker room. Be sure to say Y or N as to whether or not you are staying for soup afterwards

Tuesday results for Novelty Stableford 1st Margaret G 22 points 2nd Sarah F 20 points.

If you are withdrawing from a competition could you use the message service on ig and then we are not clogging up other WhatsApp groups. Also withdraw on Start sheet

Eco friendly If you have used batteries and/or corks please put them in a box in the ladies locker room ( from Tuesday). They will be recycled. Thank you Jackie Reid for this initiative

Mug Shots of the 2022 committee are in the ladies locker room along with their committee role

Shoe Cleaner This has been re-sited. Please don't use the nozzle to dig out mud from shoes. This is what is causing the airflow to decrease

De Paula Cup for players with handicaps between 12.4 and 20.4. This is a county scratch singles knock out comp. Details will be in the locker room from Tuesday but details are on the Herts Golf website

A completed score card will be put up in the locker room. Please mark your cards accordingly. It is getting increasingly difficult for Karen to understand the cards

We can now swop cards and upload our own onto ig if you are comfortable with this

Top Tip Mark your ball on the green if it is anywhere near the putting line of another player. Don't wait to be asked

John Dench Parking Space- last call for bids for this space for the whole of March. Top bid at the moment is £26

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 23 January 2022

MEMORY LANE Sometimes you wonder!!!!! Captions please. Will reveal the best next week

Results Tuesday 18th January Pairs Multiplier Winning Pair Hazel Brunnen and Margaret Fredjohn with an amazing 46 points

When messaging a playing partner could you please use ig messaging that way only your partner can see the messageThere is still time to put in a bid for John Dench's car park space for March. All money raised to go to Ladies Captain's Charity. Bids in to me by end of January please

Just giving page details at the end of this letter - apologies that I missed it out last week

Good news - Marica has found a room mate for weekend away!!! Thank you Sangeeta

Our next committee meeting is on Thursday 3 February. If there is anything you would like to raise please let Olive know by 27th January

Sign up list for Megan Bonner Par 3 competition will go up soon in locker room. This competition is twice around the Par 3 course

We have played in some Arctic weather this week.  Things can only get better.Spring is just around the corner. My daffodils are well up.

TOP TIP When picking up ball for winter rules make sure you mark the ball before lifting and replace after cleaning within 6" of the marker and no nearer the hole

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Captain's Newsletter - 16 January 2022

Not great weather again for golf this week but still the ladies showed their determination, others, like me, chose the coffee option

Tuesdays Results Double the Evens :1st Vicky Thompson 22 points 2nd Debbie Foley 22 Points. - on count back. Well Played ladies

Barry has asked again that if at all possible - please carry

John Dench car park space auction. Have had bids in - please get your bids in before 31 January if you would like a shorter walk to the club house during a wet and windy March.

Thank you to all those ladies who have donated their £10 Ladies subs 2022 to the charity. Much appreciated. Link at end of this letter.

£50 Deposit for weekend away at Belton Woods 26-28 June is now due. Please pay by 15 January.Please use reference AWAYWE22 Acc No81769642 sort code 40-28-14 or alternatively place a cheque in an envelope marked with your name and away weekend in the black box in the ladies locker room.

Marica is looking for a room mate for the away weekend as her partner has had to drop out

Thursday 24th February is the Megan Bonner Par 3 competition. This is held on the Par 3 course - twice around. Hopefully we will get a shotgun start. Afterwards soup and a roll in the clubhouse. If you are playing but not staying for refreshments please let me know. Quite a few portions of food/scones/soup etc were paid for and wasted last year. We pay for everyone signed up to play unless told otherwise.

Thursday 3 March will be first qualifier- EG/club medal

Porters Park Coffee morning is cancelled but if you bought a ticket you will be in the draw for a 4 ball at a Herts golf course

There will be 3 Divisions for medals, Stablefords, and other qualifiers . This will hopefully give all handicaps an equal chance of winning. We will start off the season with equal numbers but there may be movement as the season progresses

Tuesdays will have 2 Divisions

Memory Lane

Golf trip 2008. Golf obviously wasn't so good so we tried our hands at bowling! Kay Baker, Hilary, Angela Chatterton, Chris Bryce, Jean Ray

Be aware - Club Card

  • Money added to your card at the bar goes to bar food
  • Money added at reception goes on to the range

Top Tip

When teeing off please let the shorter hitters tee off first to speed up the game. Please complete your card while someone else is teeing off. This does not apply in match play

Kathy Carroll
Ladies' Captain