Sunday, 20 January 2019

Captain's Newsletter - 20 Jan 2019

Gosh what a cold but beautiful morning we all woke up to Sunday, very very cold indeed but gorgeous!! The brave weekend ladies were out there competing in their Individual Stableford Competition. Hopefully, the early morning mist didn't delay your start too much!!

Looking back on the week, we saw Tuesday's competition of 'Double off the Odds' being strongly competed for by playing partners the 'KC's!! Katy Cook that is, coming 2nd on count back from the second KC.... Kathy Carroll both on 28 points, with Lesley Bonsor, also on 28 points, who this time lost out on the prizes! Well done ladies.

Thursday was the latest round of the Winter Eclectic and on a day when my playing partner and I were tearing our hair out in frustration at not being able to achieve very much at all, I am sincerely hoping that others were more successful, I know the third of our trio seemed pretty pleased with her round!!

Over 30 ladies attended the Rules Meeting last Wednesday. For those of you who couldn't make it, the rules were delved into deeper and there we reached the issue of the rule which affects Chesfield's Ditch. Specific options were provided that we might adopt and to date we have no definitive answer to our concerns. It is a big decision and the club do not want to make any knee-jerk decisions. Having had time to reflect, I am personally in favour of abiding by the new rules of golf with regard to our ditch. Any advantage gained by playing out of the stones is minimal in reality, especially when you consider how few people prefer to do that, rather than take a penalty drop where you have more control over where the ball lands. I will, of course, keep you informed of the final decision.

An important request from Lin Goodey, our Competition Secretary. If you have, for any reason, a need to pull out of a HowDidIDo match, can you please let Lin know first before doing anything else. She will then adjust the bookings accordingly and remove your name herself. Equally, if you are looking for a game but there appears to be no spaces, once again contact Lin who will hold a reserve list and slot you in, if she is able. This should help to run things smoothly.

Finally, as generally happens this time of year, several of our ladies are flying off to warm climate for a wonderful holiday of winter sun. Enjoy every minute of your time away and we look forward to seeing you all when you get back.
WOW!! the cold certainly didn't affect Clare Breen's game who scored an amazing 43 pts, winning the day and as a result she sees a 5 point cut to her handicap!! Brilliant Clare keep it up.

Ladies Captain 2019

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Captain's Newsletter - 13 Jan 2019

I apologise for not being with you last Thursday, but unforeseen circumstances meant I had to leave the day in the very capable hands of Rogie Taylor, what can I say..... winter bugs eh!! . A big thank you to her, of course!

It was another big field of competitors for the 2nd round of the Winter Eclectic and it appeared that the weather stayed acceptable for a January day! Good luck to you all this coming Thursday (3rd round) when I will join you and hopefully we can all knock a few more points off our score! Last Saturday saw the 7th round of the Ken Bird League when Linda and Ralph Brown came in with a great score of 42 and only 2 points behind the outright winners. Well done to the Browns!

I found this original photo of the ditch at the bottom of the 1st fairway and although you will agree it doesn't look much like this any more, the ditch that runs along a big part of Chesfield Downs is causing quite a stir!!  You will have read about the change in the new Rules that allows for the removal of 'Loose Impediments' within Penalty Areas. To protect the integrity of our particular course, it was decided by the Club Committee, that we would put in place a Local Rule to protect our ditch, meaning that no-one could remove the stones that sit there. However, it appears the powers that be i.e. the Referees are not in agreement with our ability to do this! For those of us attending the Rules Meeting this coming Wednesday, things could get interesting!! Be there if you can! In the meantime, can you respect it as you always have and leave the stones/pebbles as they are. Last week, there was some discussion about the future change to Red Stakes. Can I reiterate that it is very important that these Yellow/Red Penalty areas are played as they stand at the moment and the penalty options are taken as such.

I am pleased to say that the order of white club tee shirts for the Ladies is now in the ProShop and awaiting collection from those who ordered them. Their price is £29.95, thank you. Another order will go in at the end of the month, for any final requests, please see the noticeboard.

Congratulations to Jacky Swanson who achieved her playing handicap last week and will now be able to join us in the qualifiers. Well done Jacky.

Enjoy your golf,

Margaret Gentle
Ladies Captain 2019


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Captain's Newsletter - 6 Jan 2019

Well I guess by now, like our home, your tree has been confined to the bin and the decorations are safely stalled away for another year. Somehow the house looks comfortably empty and I seem to enjoy the sense of normality this brings!

The season has got off to a fine start for the Ladies Section. Hazel Brunnen was the first lady home at the Hangover Cup, coming in with a very fine score of 35 pts (with a hole-in-one on the 3rd!) and a very creditable 7th place. Very well done Hazel, a great start to your year!! Thursday's 1st round of the Winter Eclectic saw some good scores, but as we are all aware, there are those 'tortoises' who slowly chip away at their scores and will be there in the winning stalls at the very end. Others, and we can guess who they are, will come through in a flurry with one amazing round and sweep the winnings. There is all to play for ladies and hopefully 6 more rounds of decent weather to get you up there with the winners!

The Ken Bird Winter League Rnd 6 was played on Sunday and 9 of our ladies competed in various four-ball combinations. The weather whilst cold stayed dry so I hope they enjoyed their round and we look forward to seeing the final results.

The electronic diary has now been signed off and is available to download from our website. There have been a few adjustments since the paper copy went off to print which largely affect the weekend ladies, so please use the electronic diary as your bible or ask. If you are unclear how to download it please also ask.

The order for the white polo tee shirts is now with Glenmuir. If you have missed the January 1st deadline don't worry I have put another order form up on the notice board and this will stay there until the end of January for any late orders.

Raffle tickets will be available on Tuesday/Thursday/Next Weekend for the Hertfordshire Golf Union Annual Coffee Morning which will take place at Porters Park on Monday 28th January at 10.30 am. There will be a small group of us going and we will share lifts if you would like to join us, please contact me. Raffle Tickets are £2 each and prizes will include a 4-ball round of golf from a participating club. Your ticket(s) will go into the draw whether you attend or not so please 'Stop and Buy' either myself or Katy C. The money raised from the Coffee Morning goes to support the development of Juniors in the county. Thank you in advance.

Can I finally remind you that the £10 Ladies Section subscription is now due in the usual way please. Thank you.

Wrap up warm over the next few days and weeks, stay warm.

Ladies Captain 2019

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 1 Jan 2019

Happy New Year one and all!!!

Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 2019 for us all!

I hope you all enjoyed a very special Christmas time with loved ones and friends, creating some great memories. As January begins lets now try to work off that extra turkey sandwich and mince pie with some fresh air and hopefully some decent winter golf conditions!! We can only hope!!!

The club diary, I am pleased to say, is now available for collection from the Pro Shop and we will be getting the electronic version out to you within the next week. Thank you to Virginia for her hard work on this. Our major events for 2019 are on a separate list on the noticeboard for your convenience.

The 12 Hole Winter Eclectic begins on Thursday this week, and fingers crossed we will be able to get all 7 rounds played. Please sign up, in the usual way on the system. This opens 3 weeks in advance of each round. As you all know, this is a popular competition so make sure you sign up early. It is a good idea, too, to check the system a few days before the competition in case anyone has pulled out or if you need to contact your playing partners for any reason. Don't forget you need to putt out on all twelve holes for your first round!

The Mixed Winter League at the weekends is also on the system - weekend Ladies you know the drill. There will be news as the weeks go by, of the opportunity for the ladies who play at weekends or indeed wish to, to enter some of the main prize winning competitions of the Ladies Section, this is due to the introduction of 'Alternate Days'. (See England Golf for details). This system will be introduced during 2019 with the hope that it will develop further during future years. More news to follow!

The Coffee Morning at Porters Park GC will be held on Monday January 28th. Raffle tickets will be on sale from Thursday 3rd January and if you would like to come along with some of us, then we can arrange sharing lifts.

Finally, as the saying goes 'we can't ignore the elephant in the room!' and by that I am talking about the New Rule Changes. Please ensure you are aware of the major changes taking place. Equip yourself with as much knowledge of the key issues as you can. Hopefully we will see many of you at the Rules Meeting at the Club on Wednesday 16th January, (See the noticeboard for details).

I feel very honoured to be your Captain for 2019 and am certain we will see some great golf scores during the year ahead.

Very best wishes

Margaret Gentle
Ladies Captain 2019

Monday, 24 December 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 24 Dec 2018

I know I know... I said that last week was my last newsletter, but just a few notices to go with the Christmas Pud and mince pies!

Fresh back from the Christmas Jumper golf day - it was extremely windy but I think all us ladies enjoyed ourselves and even though we didn't win anything it was good fun! Thanks to all at the club who made it happen. The food, company and atmosphere was very Christmassy! Thanks to Jackie, Richard and Marica for making up my four ball.

The new diaries for 2019 are now in stock at the club. Please pick up your copy from reception or the pro shop. In due course there will be the electronic version available from the ladies website - details to follow. In the meantime please note the dates for all the important Ladies events through next year!

If any of you have been under a stone for the last few weeks then the new/revised rules come into effect on January 1st 2019. If you haven't already registered to attend the presentation at 6.30pm on Wednesday January 16th then please see the details below or on the club board or let one of us know if you wish to attend. It is important that we know how to interpret the new rules and which ones will be adopted as local rules at Chesfield.

Margaret will be placing the bulk order for the Ladies white polo shirts on January 1st so please sign up on the board if you would like yours ordered. There are a couple for trying on in the pro shop.

Finally, I have been asked to clarify the rules for the 12 hole Winter Eclectic which runs over 7 weeks in January and February. This is a very popular competition and the sign up for each week will be on HDID. The first 2 weeks are already on. Please remember to hole out on every hole in the first round that YOU PLAY IN ( NB. This might not be the first round of the competition!)

Sarah Faircliff
Ladies Captain 2018

Monday, 17 December 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 17 Dec 2018

Well girls, I think this might be the last newsletter of 2018 and indeed my last one as Captain! There’s quite a lot in it so you might want to spread out the reading of it and save some for after Christmas lunch when it will send you nicely to sleep!!

Whilst I was still on Christmas tree duty, Jackie kindly arranged the Wreath making workshop. There look to be some great results which by now will be adorning your front doors! Nice job ladies!

Once I had finished the trees, party time began - firstly I invited myself to the 9 holers Christmas lunch at the Fox at Willian. Thanks Pat P for organising, the food was lovely and the company lovelier! The jokes in the crackers though were as bad as ever! 

Last Thursday dawned very cold but bright and we all got on with 9 holes of 4BBB in Christmas garb! What a day it was....Jenny (I never win anything!!!) Feaver and Kathy D combined very well to win the golf with 22 points!

The winners of the best dressed pair were Di and Chris - great puddings ladies!!

And the winning photo featured several old favourites including another woman with a turkey on her head!!

In amongst much frivolity I was proud to present a cheque for £6000 to Keith and Rosemary from the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. We have raised all that through our ladies section and once again I can’t thank you enough for your very very generous support through the year. I know that they are absolutely delighted and I am hoping to go over to their base for a more formal presentation in the new year. What a result!

Thanks to Nikki who managed to pop in during her lunch hour to present Marica, Angela and Megan with their photobooks from the Noughties Tour in Portugal. Sorry that Jean couldn’t be with us but your book awaits you...some great pics to celebrate your big ‘0’ birthdays.

Well done to Rogie and Pauline who helped us negotiate our way through the new rules. Personally I need to do some further homework and please come along to the club on Wednesday 16th January for a full presentation by Herts Golf Union. I know the section captains are meeting next week to discuss the effect of the rule changes on our own local rules. We need to prepare ourselves for the early matches in the year and on that subject Megan has posted sign up sheets for the Pearson matches next year so please check it out on the board in the changing room.

The partying was not over then either and in the evening we went to the Hermitage for an informal glass or 2 of Prosecco/wine and some sharing nosh...I remember a bottle or 2 of red wine as well! I certainly enjoyed it very much and thanks for your company - it appears that it was a success....too many photos to include all but just a taste below.

Next Thursday there is a stableford qualifier with sign up on HDID. However if you do not wish to play it as a qualifier or over 18 holes then please feel free to opt out on the day, especially if the weather is a bit rough. There are still spaces as I write this. I am delighted to be playing that day with a new member Jacky Swanson. I am sure we will all make her really welcome.

As I sign off from these weekly newsletters, I feel quite emotional as my captaincy comes to an end. I hope I have done all my thank yous to everyone who has made it such a memorable year and it just leaves me to wish Margaret and her Committee the very best for an equally wonderful year in 2019. The next couple of years will be a challenge with new rules in 2019 and some changes to the handicapping system in 2020. I know that we will be a great support to all the ladies running our Section.

Finally, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a very successful and healthy golfing year in 2019.

Sarah Faircliff - Ladies Captain 2018

Monday, 10 December 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 10 Dec 2018

Well, I am back from Christmas tree installation, somewhat exhausted but looking forward to picking up my clubs again and seeing you all through the week! I hope you all managed to get a bit of golf in over the last couple of weeks in spite of the weather...a sample below of some of my work whilst you were on the course...

Back to the important issues of the day..this Thursday is the newly formatted Christmas 4BBB, it looks like there are nearly 40 of us playing 9 holes. There will be prizes for the best dressed Christmas pair and the winning pair. Might be some forfeits too....! Please bring some nibbles for the afternoon upstairs in the gallery room. Chips and hot drinks will be provided. Rosemary and Keith from the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance will be joining us to receive the cheque for this years fundraising and there will be a new rules briefing for next year (nothing heavy I am assured)! Then the evening out will be at the Hermitage that night - arrive at 6.30pm.

There are a couple of Fun Club competitions in the next few weeks open to all - the Christmas jumper challenge is on Friday 21st Dec, shotgun start at 8am. Still 2 tees available at the time of writing. Also the Boxing Day Scramble (on Dec 26th!!) sign up is on HDID.

Into 2019, we are now up to 32 people for the away weekend but intend to have a reserve list so if anyone would like to add their name to the list please do so!

The White tee shirt list is still up and doing well. The list will remain on the board until the end of 2018 and then Margaret will place a bulk order with the Pro Shop and hopefully get a small discount. There are samples available for trying on for size in the Pro shop before you buy!

See you all in the week
Sarah Faircliff - Ladies Captain 2018

Monday, 3 December 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 3 Dec 2018

Great decision to cancel the November Stableford last Thursday- the weather was horrendous...!

The annual Ladies v Men match took place on Sunday 25th November. It was a dry and benign day on the links! The matches were close but unfortunately (from the Ladies point of view) the Men, plying off the yellows (!) triumphed by 4.5 points to 1.5 points! Well done though to all the players - men and ladies. The matches were played in great spirit and thoroughly enjoyable. Des happily took the trophy!

The Pearson team played a home tie on Wednesday against our local rivals Knebworth. There were some familiar faces in their team but I am delighted to say that on a misty, drizzly, very windy day Chesfield ran out 4-3 winners. What a result - really well done to Megan and her team...

The Ladies section white tee shirts are now in the pro shop so you can try on and get the right size. If you would like to purchase one - for use in all our teams then there is a sign up list on the board. Any queries please contact Margaret.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Christmas Jumper Golf on Friday December 21st. This is always a fun day, the sign up sheet is on the club notice board. Great to see lots of you have signed up already!

Deep in the Christmas trees now....!!! Happy golfing

Sarah Faircliff - Ladies Captain 2018

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 26 Nov 2018

In spite of the somewhat inclement weather the Winter Invitation last Thursday was a great day and it appears that we all enjoyed it! Thank you to all our visitors, I think at least 10 clubs were represented and it was great to meet up with old friends and adversaries from the other clubs! Thanks too to all who helped make it another memorable occasion at Chesfield. There were lots of good photos but just a couple here to sum up the atmos!

It was also wonderful to raise around £400 for Margaret's 2019 charities. Thanks for your generosity as always.

The sign up for 29 Nov (Stableford Q 18 holes) is on the system whilst for the 6th and 13th the sign up is on the board. If you want to dress up on 13th Dec there will be a prize for the best dressed pair but no pressure as might just need loads of layers over the need for glamourosity!!!

Into next year (and hopefully early Summer by then!) the planning for our Away Weekend to Stoke by Nayland in early June next year is well under way, with some great golf and fun evenings on the agenda. There are just a few more places available and if you are interested please talk to or email Nicola Adkins or Nikki Brooke for more details. Could we also please remind you to pay the deposit of £35.00 to Pat, before the deadline of Friday 1st December, if you haven't already done so.

The Pearson team played the 2nd match of their season on Friday away at Essendon. Unfortunately Chesfield were beaten by a good team but thanks to our team who gave their all as always. They will be playing again on Wednesday next week at home to our nearest adversaries so good luck to all in the team.

The results of the adult Par 3 2018 competition saw Pam Blake and Lauren Pitcher both qualify in the top prize winning places - its a great monthly competition held on our par 3 course and very good practice for the short game. Quite a few of our ladies section play regularly and the competition will start again in March next year. Speak to Kathy D or Jo Oliver for further details.

So...get those Christmas decs out of the loft and put your sprouts on...!! I am off to put up some Christmas trees for the next couple of weeks so will see you after they are all up!

Sarah Faircliff - Ladies Captain 2018

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Captain's Newsletter - 19 Nov 2018

Firstly, apologies to Denise Clinch whose photo was in the newsletter when I sent it last week but it seems to have got lost in publication. Here it is!

Denise Clinch - Ann Grist Trophy

Some more winners were crowned this week - congrats to all!

Jackie R - Cup Winners Cup

Virginia - The Jean Ray OOM

The Committee has decided this year to introduce a white polo shirt for all our teams. This allows us to wear it with whatever colour jumper without upsetting the fashion police! So....thanks to Margaret for sorting.

Coming soon!! Glenmuir Ladies White Tee Shirts will be available in the ProShop in the next week or so for you to try on and order. Emblazoned with the club logo, the tee shirts will become the base colour for the Squad Teams as we move into 2019 as well as a great colour to go under those new 'Purple' club sweaters so many of you have kindly purchased. As soon as they appear on the shelves, you are free to go and try them on, of course! We will then put a list up on the noticeboard in the locker room for you to order your specific sizes, as a bulk order should help to keep the price down to around £30.00.

In case you weren't aware you can find all the Committee Minutes and now the AGM on the ladies section website - where you see this newsletter click on 'About us' and you should find them there.

The tee times for the Winter Invitational are up on the board now so please check and ensure all your guests are aware. Some nice prizes up for grabs that day and a raffle in aid of Margaret's charities MIND and Tilehouse Counselling. If you have any special requirements for lunch or otherwise please contact either Margaret or Kathy Carroll.

There is a stableford qualifier on the system for 29th November so please don't forget to sign up and there will be sign ups for 6th Dec and 13th Dec on the board in due course. On Dec 13th we will be playing a 9 hole 4 BBB (instead of Greensomes this year) with on course 'amusements'! Please only play 9 holes that day, bring some nibbly bits for afterwards, chips and tea and coffee are on order and I will presenting my cheque to the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance that day. Also there will be 'some info' on the new rules for 2019 that day and we can all get away in time to prepare for our night at the Hermitage. I will let you have some more info on that next week!

Finally, see you on Tuesday when I am decorating the Club Christmas tree!!! No golf for me that day...!

Sarah Faircliff
Ladies Captain 2018